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Disclaimer: This site contains original homoerotic imagery ("gay art mostly") and is intended for open minded, mature audiences only (no under 18's). By viewing this site, you certify that you are of legal age to view adult material. If you are a minor please leave the site immediately, I CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH THAT THIS SITE IS INTENDED FOR ADULTS ONLY!

Welcome to my blogspot fellow art lover of muscle! Here you will find all my creations gathered into one gallery. Please have a browse around and feel free to leave a comment - it's always nice to hear from the people who actually take the time to view my work - namely you. I can't thank you guys enough. Please do not reproduce or post any of my images outside this website - or if you really want to then please email me in advance ;) Your continued support is much appreciated.


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Most links featured here are what I consider to be the best of the best and are mostly for mature audiences only unless stated otherwise.
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Jezza Smilez! this is an amazing blog because it offers some great insight into many artist's life and works via Jezza's fantastic interviewing skills. Check it out now!

HOTCHA!!! damn this guy is amazing! Love his work so check out his website
ps: you can also find him on Y!Gallery

This is Chase Hostler's blog - now this is exactly what Monkeygogo likes to see on a real man! Drools.

This is SoupGoblin's Stash blog! Now SoupGoblin is also known as Croup to many of you - This site gets regularly updated. If you like Bara you can't not visit this site!

This is Danshi's link!! You might know his work from HUNK's WORKSHOP. Danshi is a Major influence to my work. Please check him out.

This is Gamusyara's website! you may know him by other names also but his work definately speaks volumes about himself.

If you don't know who Humbuged is then you shouldn't be allowed to view any other gay adult drawing until you've visited his site .... DO IT NOW!!!

This is Gnins Dimension blog! If you like your anime then this is the site to go to if you wanna see a little bit more than your average weekly show. Regularly updated and plenty to keep you entertained.

This is Patrick Fillions website! Check it out for the latest Patrick Fillion news. It's like an ocean of drawn cock...yum!

This is Patrick Fillion's Boytoons blog! Updated regularly it's definately one to bookmark.

This is Nakatax's website - now known as Yallo! Project.com - Nakatax was "the" artist to get me started into drawing gay art!!! He is my master and hero!!!!

Possibly the best "gay art" artist out there in my opinion. Takeshi Matsu is possibly the hottest there is out there!!!!

This is one of my personal fav's! I dunno what it is about Jacob Mott's Art but it really brings a smile to my face. I highly recommend you check out his work if you haven't!

This is Kupopo's sketech blog site. Check out his amazing drawings here at his blog as well as keeping up to date with his latest activity. HOT STUFF 

Ephorox is one of those amazing artists out there that never disappoints. check out all his works here in his blog.

Now this dude is exceptionally entertaining and inspiring to watch! I love him! Check out his website - i can only describe it as all being very relevant. BOOKMARK IT NOW!!!!

Check this quality site! Dedicated to adult games in English!!!! Fantastic stuff!

Evosapien's blog Evosexual! This dudes work is so professional! I'd say its much cleaner than what i do in terms of styles. Check it out - you won't be disappointed.