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Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Real Men: Dodgypirate

So this ones been long in the waiting! Dodgypirate (aka Bucccaneer) is one of those mysterious guys on the internet that really no one knows much about him. All we really know is that he's pretty hot and is pretty hung down there. I mean if you were lucky enough to see one of his clips then you'll know what I'm talking about! And who can blame him, hell if I'd flop mine out as often as i could if I was as hung :D

Well as fate would have it, we're actually IG buddies. I mean the thing that really struck me was that we kind look similar, we have a pretty similar body type and we both like to get naked, so really it's a bit like drawing myself ... only he's actually hotter T_T

So there's 4 images with 2 sets. I noticed he seems to wear a cap every now and then and thought it was a nice little edition. I was also tempted to draw him with his dog Killerbeast - but then I realised I suck at drawing dogs in such wide angle perspectives, so it never happened

So as you can tell he's totally Monkeygogo material, hence I submit him for my gallery! Enjoy!

You can follow him on his IG account @Dodgypirate

More to come real soon! 


  1. Inaccurate. Where's the foreskin

    1. Do'h thats so true! I'm so used to drawing cut that I forgot he's actually uncut. Haha oh well that just means i'll have to draw him again in a different scenario. Hopefully with my other boys now that I've figured out how to draw him as a character.

  2. Horrible. As an artist you've turned into shit. It's Instagram of your shallow brain. Before it was art, now it is lame reflection in the mirror. You are just like stupid parrot in front of his reflection.

    1. Well that's rude @Lostinkorea. Though you're entitled to your own opinion - This blog and and I myself owe you nothing. I enjoy drawing and sharing for my own sake. I'm sorry if you can't see people's hard work but that's your loss. "Haters be hating"