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Monday, 15 June 2015

Sorry for the Radio Silence

Hey Guys! I am like totally sorry for the lack of communication. Everything is my life has been super exciting at the moment so much that i've had little time to do much of my Monkeygogo work! However stuff is being owrked on in the background albeit a bit slowly. Seeeeee prooooof :P

Oddly enough my instagram account has been hitting it off pretty well. Which is the bridge between my Monkeygogo life and my real life. However it seems like the walls that i set in place to keep these worlds apart are slowly falling apart and i'm able to fuse my worlds together. You can follow me on instagram: @monkey_muscle

Somehow I even made it into Gaytimes, I mean i understand they just linked to the pic but it was a bit presumptuous to think i was gay LOL the pic had no gay hashtags ...


Thank you very much Gaytimes for the exposure though :D


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