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Monday, 22 July 2013

Internet Censorship Concerns once again!

Man if its not one thing its another. Once again attention is being focused on pornography and its dangers to children. Now I emphasize with this subject and agree wholly that children are being exposed to adult material way to soon, and that we have a morale obligation to protect children. BUT this is basically the backwards end at looking at the problem at hand!


How will this affect Monkeygogo? Well unfortunately in the most "extreme" scenario that might mean i have to close up shop. If they class erotic illustrations as part of the problem. My work has always been intended for adults but i doubt people see it that way. But really I'm not too sure legally where I stand. If anybody practices UK law (*England and Wales specifically) and knows whether what I'm doing is/isn't legal, then please let me know, as I have no intention of getting myself into trouble, or being part of the problem.

Monkeygogo :(


  1. Man, I really do love the UK, but when I hear about things like this happening, it makes me not want to even think of living there. And you'll notice how it's always "for the children" when politicians try to shove censorship in our faces.

    I guarantee that it won't stop with porn. They'll move on to other things that they deem not squeaky-clean and "potentially harmful" to the state. Except by then, it might not be an option to unblock the filters.

    Good luck, man. Write your representative(s) and let your voice be heard. This is just crazy and uncalled for.

  2. What are you getting your knickers in a twist about? I refuse to believe that saucy pin—ups are under threat whilst page three still shows no sign of going anywhere. Anyway, I didn't think BlogSpot's severs where in the EU let alone the UK... Remember when certain footballers took out 'Super' injunctions to stop people talking publicly about affairs they had, which couldn't be applied to Twitter because their severs are based in California.

    1. To be honest i am actually more furious about people thinking that this would solve the/any issue - whilst unfortunately the the people who get caught up in the cross fire are the authors who dare to express themselves. Who is to dictate what is acceptable or not?

      True this site will most likely be fine, its hosted in servers abroad, but rights and freedom of many in the UK will slowly be chipped away at. The principle of the matter "censorship" is much worst.

      Its all abit backwards thinking if you ask me.... INTERNET BADDDD, INTERNET SMASHHHHHHH.

  3. Blogger was made by Google and Google is an American multinational corporation, so shouldn't you be protected by the U.S. internet rights?

    1. Well because of that the blog itself will probably be fine but there's 2 things at play here;

      firstly is the issue of blocking sites, depending on how Mr Cameron plays it out with the ISPs. I might end up not being able to access my blog to post anything. so even though the site is fine there will be no further updates to any of my outlets. I won't be able to access them.

      Secondly they're aiming to making it illegal to actually to own certain material which they may class as being too extreme. Now what is defined as extreme will be an extension/clarrification of obscenity laws, which has always been extremely vague. But irrelevant of that, if making it illegal to own illustrated characters in sexual acts falls into that category, then I will not be allowed to create or publish them, as effectively it would be breaking the law.

      Now these are extreme circumstances as its actually in conflict with my right to freedom of expression. But remember the pretense of this action is that its acting under the guise of "protecting children and their innocence". Backed up by an army of supporting mothers, i think a lot of authors/artists will suffer as they will be accidentally classed as extreme material. Potentially artists like myself, photographers, and even writers hypothetically could be breaking the law if we reside in the UK and create material that could be argued as taking away the innocence of children.

      So let's see how this plays out as it needs to be defined further. I just think that the majority of people here are stupid and don't realize that they are giving away their fundamental rights to freedom of access to information, and empowering the government to monitor internet activity.

      A lot of people would say that if you haven't done anything wrong then you have nothing to hide, and thats true to an extent. But i would argue that who defines whats right of wrong? It wasn't wrong to be Jewish, Gay or Colored but that didn't stop the established authority at the time to round everyone up they didn't like.

  4. Would you everyone please stop referring to the law affecting the UK when it only affects England & Wales! This could be the straw that breaks the camel's back on Scottish independence, I wonder how long it'll take before take particular penny drops with Mr. Cameron? I foresee another U-turn on the horizon, it does not take a crystal bollock to predict that one. X'D

    1. LOL Thats so true! Scotland is not part of this. Apparently Scotland already has some of the laws Cameron wants (i think it has to do with possesing certain types of pornography) but for some strange reason there's a loop hole here in England and Wales :D, but apparently they want to resolve that now also.

  5. All else fails, grab MPs by the balls — I mean — by the European Convention on Human Rights. That usually pisses on their chips when those bastards get any ideas about pandering to the readers of the Daily Mail. XD