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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Kentaro Cums - REPOST

It's so hypnotic .... 

This is actually a repost from before but its one of the most popular posts on my blog so it's worth highlighting again! http://www.monkeygogo.net/2010/08/kentaro-1000000-hit-special.html

Here's the usual casual gear! Yunno it's kinda sad but i base a lot of what he wears on when i wear! So yup you will find tight grey briefs in my wardrobe.... They help give me suppport - don't like it swinging around to much......

Here comes the Sexy Underwear (jockstrap) version - now i actually don't own a pair of jockstraps like his - but i would like a pair like that. Also I played about with drawing some ropes I was experimenting on. Thought I'd throw them in  whilst i was at it :P

Here comes the tentacle section! I fucking love tentacles! So i always try to include it when i can :

Here's a ranger Costume I worked on! First time I tried coming up with a mask - not easy ..... I Quite like the idea of tight suits - especially when it's holding back a massive erection!

Well Thats about it! But there's more to very soon! So keep an eye out - I pormise it won't be long until the next submision!


  1. omg! kentaru is the best beffy guy!
    i´d like to eat his bubble butt!
    please more kentaru fucking !

  2. OMFG!!!!! beyond a wet dream! yeah Eduardo !kentaru is SOOOO FUCKING HOTTT!!!! I want to see him fucking another beast guy!

  3. oh monkey very god job! I loved kentaru and his pink hole and cock head! the details of the mushroom head cock were top line! i lov pink head cock! Who will be the next?

  4. yumy!! he is a big guy! what a pink hole !fucking hell I want it to me... please more beeffy bubble butt guys for us !

  5. holy shit I loved the details of the hairy pubes and armpits

  6. Omg he is sooooo HOT!!