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Saturday, 16 March 2013

Real Men: The Gay Comic Geek

Now many of you should be well aware of who this guy is and if you don't then you better start checking him out. It's the Gay Comic Geek - Paul Staffelbach!

Now I've always wanted to do a picture of Paul - but my caricature skills were just not good enough. But after seeing how much traffic my site gets through the Gay Comic Geek I thought it only fair to give it a try.

Now the immediate thing I needed was reference - annoying scouting the internet for Paul resulted in many poses that were practically the same; grrr don't you just hate that when you have friends who look the same in almost every photo you see LOL. Anyway the videos he does were helpful enough, so then it really only a matter or converting it to a style that fit my world of Monkeygogo.

I hope I did a good enough job. I was really more focusing on the pose, I wanted something with a bit more motion in it, so i just visualize one of those transformation moments when Superman just starts running and rips his short off. What i didn't want was just another flexing pose - it gets so boring drawing another guy in the same tensing up muscle bound flexing pose.

Nude version wise, now I've obviously never seen Paul naked nor would i suggest him to strip for me so really it was juts kinda guess work. I tried to be generous LOL but i guess you could go bigger, but hey i think its just right!

Lemmw know which is your favorite version.

Anyway thanks a lot Paul for your amazing works and your support! Now that I have a way of drawing him I think i'll have another attempt later on at something a little bit more erotic :P


  1. Nice job Monkeygogo :D
    Love the 4th pic... just wondering...
    are pictures 1 and 2 really the same? :))

  2. do'h [href] link got copied twice - should be fixed now!

  3. Awesome! I say you captured the movement very well and the costume change with color is just so sexy ;) the jockstrap was a lovely touch as well. Excellent Job! :D

  4. Yeah i always make time for the jockstrap version

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