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Wednesday, 2 January 2013


So we made it! the world didn't blow up and we're all a little bit older and wiser as a result .....

Hope everyone had a great time during the holidays! Mine are always really busy, travelling between to see my family and my partners family! I had little to no time to do anything for the site! Hence no updates or picture in the blog!

However among all the hectic craziness that is Xmas, I had a very nice thank you note and donation (pretty large one) made to this site! It makes me very happy to know that my work is appreciated that much - i simply had to say thank you more back. So I ended up sending a bunch of prints from my scrap folder as well too. It's nothing special but it's a big thank you! Here's a pic they posted back, upon receiving it :

So during the holidays i was powerless to do anything much other than to tweet! And its been pretty busy in tweetland too. Thank you all to the recent followers the counter just seem to go up and up, with many people joining in and tweeting back. I'd love to hear from you all so don't be shy and I'll try to reply back to everyone as much as i can! Here are some quick snaps from the holidays if you don't follow me on twitter, mostly involving food, me getting fatter and dressing up for special occasions but if you want to know about the pictures in context twitter is the best place to find out:

Okay time to get the new years started! I got much to catch back up on! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

M xxx


  1. Is it wrong that I like the pic with the food just as much? Kidding! lol

    Those blue trunks are hawt!

    Happy new year!

    1. lol not at all! the food was amazing!

  2. Your art should be in the MoMA, in the Louvre, or in the Museo del Prado, I don't know, but somewhere where people can enjoy it. The pictures are absolutely incredible. And hot!
    I'm 18 years old, and I don't have so much money, but I promise that I'll get a picture in the future when commissions are open.

    1. lol well i don't think my art is that good, but thanks for the encouragement!

  3. I knew you look handsome and cute! XD
    Happy Holidays Monkeygogo! :D

  4. I'm pretty sure I've heard you don't like being called cute, but you definitely are, haha. But of course handsome as well :)

    Body looks great, food looks great, sounds like you had some good holidays :)

    I almost feel a little famous, being mentioned in a post haha :)

  5. Lol,i thought it boiled your blood when people called you cute,but you are^^