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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Summer Special

Well It's been like ages since I posted anything finished - maybe about 3 months! That's probably the longest I've ever gone without posting anything new! Well i hope the wait is going to pay off - so without further ado here's my latest sex pic a combination thats never been used before - Monkeygogo and Kentaro!

Obviously Kentaro is much bigger than myself so i feel it only justified that i bottom! And boy would i enjoy it! I honestly think that if i was fucked by Kentaro it wouldn't take me long to blow my load at all! Tell me which one you find sexier!

Once again I've set it somewhere in my Monkeygogo Dojo! I should do a map followed by background image per room someday - just like a Phoenix Wright style navigation map!

Hope you guys enjoy it! Sorry for the delay works been relentless and a few things cam up which stopped me from doing anything! i got a back log of art work i need to do now! Expect to see some kind out queue display in the upcoming days to see whats being worked on and its completion percentage ;)

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  1. Nnnnf. So delicious <3 And of course I love the messiest version the most ;)

    1. If its this messy on the outside i wonder what its like on the inside!

    2. Hoo, boy! Don't get me thinking about that, otherwise I just might explode!
      I always love art, you can do things like the copious cumming and the unprotected sex (Since that much cum is impossible from 1 man and most people frown upon unprotected sex in real life), both of which I find very hot and am glad you draw!

    3. Really i didn't realise people frowned upon unprotected sex that much - course i do promote safe sex for active gay men with multiple sexual partners - it's only logical.

  2. Ohhh My God Monkeygogo Your A One Lucky Guy YOu had sex with Kentaro xDDDD

    wow this drawing really worth the waiting I mean Dude I was masturbating and When I finished I opened 'monkeygogo.net' And I found this picture I had A Massive Boner O_O

    And yeah I love the 4th picture the one which is full of cum ( It's like Falling In A Milkshake World But With the cum flavor xDD ) Yeah Keep it up <3

    1. LOL i'm glad it got you going again after a already jerking off. Many thanks!

  3. i like the idea of kentaro wearing those gloves, he seems to be a fighter. :) and boy does a boner comes after i saw these. awesome

    1. Yeah kentaro seems to be the sporty type - I think he'd be into wrestling or some other kind of combat sport

  4. This is a really cool form of portraiture. I am partial to the fully clothed one. It looks very playful and expectant. The potential for sex is very arousing to me, more than the aftermath.

    1. Yeah i get a bit like that also! i like the underwear one the most since its half way ;)

  5. Replies
    1. Hey thanks a lot GCG! i still owe you one image - hold on to your horses ;)

    2. Hehe oh really?! I can't wait to see it!

  6. Monkeygogo's well endowed! Taking after you, I suppose? Hot stuff. Must say, I love the one still clothed with the erection, looks playful and lets the mind wander with imagination.

    1. LOL well he's probably more endowed than i am!

  7. Though I find this to be pretty hot, I cannot help but focus on the fact that your legs end at the knees. :/

    1. yeah originally the image the charcters were set on something else - but that din;'t work out and i rab out of time so i had to set it on the ground - as a result i had to crop off the legs to make it fit.

  8. it seems that Kentaro is a bit more mature every time you draw him.. you've chosen one of my favourite positions - I love riding a cock like Monkeygogo is. It was a long wait, indeed but worth waiting, love the series :)

    1. LOL well i guess we all age as time goes by so the idea that all my guys are aging along with me is a prety comforting thought!

    2. Summer indeed! Greetings from Turkey!
      just had threesome with my Chinese boyfriend and a Turkish guy :) make me think of the lovely trio - Marco, Kentaro and Michael.. xxxo

    3. No way? what was it like? I've always been intrigued by the idea of threesomes

    4. it was hot!:) especially, when my bf was lying under me watching me being fucked by the other guy. i came on my bf's chest. would love to do that again :>
      i sometimes think of my bf as Kentaro ;P and that guy was hairy just like Marco! :)

  9. Think the others should be doing monkey at the same time. :p

    1. LOL that would be an amazing idea!

  10. Oh God that was hot, when I first saw it I got a massive boner :P

    1. LOL I'm looking at it and i still got a boner!

    2. I think everyone would get a boner from just staring at it lol

    3. I know I got a boner too

    4. Yay for sexy Kentaro :D and sexy Monkeygogo :D haha

    5. LOL thanks a lot anonymous person!

  11. Great as always, man =D

  12. Obviously Monkeygogo is much bigger than myself so i feel it only justified that i bottom!! right??
    Your fault...

    1. LOL yeah i guess that could work!

  13. I wouldn't mind being fucked by kentaro there, the fully clothed one and the penetration I thought were the best ^^

    Something about tanktops and muscles really gets me hard, i also love kentaro's massive cock in the last image :)

    1. indeed, in a way this is how my and my bf go at it, since im bigger than he is he bottoms and he likes when i wear one because he has something to grab onto when he rides hehe

  14. I just love your work! I like kentaro the most when you also do I'm guess that smaller guy is you (PS really really cute!!!). Anyway I just love your work!


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