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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Animated Cum

Hey guys - so works a little bit stressful at the moment and I've not really had much opportunity to getting much of my own work done! But here's something that i've quickly knocked up. It's an animated GIF of Kentaro cumming! Unfortunately I think i got the consistency of of it all wrong! It looks more like tapioca :P HAHA however i thought i'd share it with you guys still!

Now I'm a bit curious as to what speed its playing it at - i've tested this on chrome and internet explorer and its seems to play it okay! However if you are getting super fast playback please let me know!

Click on the image below to get the full animation, It's about 5mb! even though its not that long a sequence!

Anyway! Hope you guys enjoy it and hopefully i get some time soon to get back on with some Monkeygogo work X3


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  2. it makes a great wallpaper on my laptop! :d

  3. OMG !!! A New Kaentaro Picture :D
    I have to tell you this But Kentaro is like my favorite Character
    I mean I love marco and Michael too But Kentaro is Something Else <3
    I mean I was going into your site everyday ( Day and Night ) Just to make sure if there's a new kentaro picture
    , AAAAH You made me really happy I wanna Bear hug you Right Now !!!!!
    , Anyway sorry about that anyway keep it up !!

  4. @Antinous51 I bet it makes a greta wall paper - would stop be from doing work though lol

    @RinSama hey thanks a lot dude! Glad you like my work! It nice to know you visit my site so often! Definately a morale boost knowing that!

  5. So is Kentaro a bit of a power bottom? I've followed your work for about a year or two and from my (Rather derpy) memory I've mainly seen him receive, maybe he just needs the right guy. XD

  6. Northern South American9 May 2012 at 07:20

    Look at you scaling the animation ladder! ;-P Anyway. Great work! I haven't been a fan for that long but I think you're going great. It's nice to see animation with that great quality of drawing, even if it is a little heavy.
    BTW, I'd say it looks more like whipped cream, and that just makes it better (covering my face in shame while LOL).

  7. This is pretty cool and good looking.

  8. dijiste que era de un juego ¿? cual esdonde lo encuentro¿?