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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Playing It Straight on E4 - Revised 20/02/2011

Ok, so all you  peeps with access to British TV, I'm currently watching E4's "Playing It Straight". It's basically a reality TV show where a single female contestant has to pick one guy out of a bunch of guys (via eliminating them every week) - the twist is that some of these guys are gay and pretending to be straight. If she manages to go through the series and picks a remaining straight guy - then they both get 25K each. However if she gets it wrong and picks a gay guy - then he gets to walk away with 50K all to himself. Simples


Now my I'm actually having a hard time figuring out who's gay and who's not - as they all seem kinda gay if you ask me - and the really straight acting ones are probably just putting on a show to get themselves the 50K.

Sven totally make the show more interesting to watch as he is the one with a game plan

 But for the life of me I can't work out whether he's gay or not GRRRRRRRR I tell you now that if he comes out as gay then I am totally going to do an image of him.

However my current favorites to win are/was one of the twins (the gay one got voted off tonight 20/02/2011), however there's still one of them in! I think consistently they've both come across as really nice people and I'm really glad that one of them has managed to get to final show next week! I really hope that the remaining twin Sam wins.


Anyway - thought i'd share a bit of my trashy tv, guilty pleasures with everyone........



  1. I'm not sure how I feel of a show like that.
    Does it show that 'straight acting' is a meaningless phrase in describing mannerisms or further enshrine it and the idea of homosexuality as a deficient masculinity? On the other hand: the boy IS cute.

  2. Well I have to admit that GUI is right on many levels. I think that like most Reality TV shows there's an element of playing on society's very narrow views on stereotypical views. Though at the same time I could argue that the show proves you can't really judge a mans sexuality by his appearance/ mannerisms - thus educating the narrow minded that we are all the same. Don't get me wrong it is really trashy tv! But i don't think it's demographic is aimed at the more intellectual viewer any way! Lol I just watch it for the eye candy!

  3. I didnt mean any offense MG. hope that none was taken.

  4. Oh none at all GUI this wouldn't be a good site if it weren't open to debate! I thought your comments were very thought provoking! It's great to hear your comments! X

  5. Woah I can't believe this, I've been lusting at Sven for weeks now, I thought I was the only one
    You've got good taste XD

  6. lol well i think its the eyes he has! They're pretty sexy! I think i'm at that mode where i want him to be gay so everything i see him doing on the show makes me think GAYYYYYYYY!!!!!

  7. Well the next episode is on in a few minutes, I just hope the challenges this week involve some form of nudity or if the show's producers are up to it there could just be an orgy lol

  8. Mmmmmmmm....Sven.... *Drools*
    He has Gorgeous eyes! Need to find a nice anime hottie like him for myself XD

  9. I'm starting to think he's deffo straight. The pretty sexy too though I think Ben is the straight one and Sam is the gay twin. And now I got the stupid Ca-Cara song stuck in my head!!!!!!!

  10. Dean is definitely gay, and while he was straight im kinda glad Levi left

  11. Yeah i think Dean is totally gay too! Levi was great - i think his shyness got the better of him. Just cos your straight doesn't mean you'll just be all over women at first sight. Then again there are only 2 episodes left so she's going to have to start kicking off the ones that she's definitely not too sure of.

  12. Oh man totally got the twins wrong! But i hope the remaining twin wins now - if he doesn't then he's definitely been entertaining enough!

  13. OMG x 2000
    So Sven was gay!?
    And so was Sam!?
    Best 7 weeks of my life xD
    Looking forward to the pic of Sven ;D


  15. I was so sure Sven was straight and Dean gay.. My gaydar is dodgy, I guess..

  16. the best reality show for me so far
    because even the male gay audience at home ( at least many ) were surprised in the end. Sven could have taken home the 50'000.- bit he overdid it with too much straight macho acting / the time of the village people are over) and if we learn one thing it is
    you can be sensitive and fine and soft spoken and well mannered and handsome and heterosexual. Or you can be a rude bad mannered lousy shaven working class guy and gay at the same time:
    and to reveal who is gay and who is straight is not a matter of his own sexual identitiy its a matter of instinct!!

  17. I was really surprised both twins were gay! My partner is a twin and his bother isn't gay - so i thought i'd make sense that this was going to be the case also. SVEN completely through me off at the end.AND DEAN????????? ARGHHHHHHHHHHH