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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Treats for Donations! STILL IN STOCK

Hi Guys! So here's something a bit different I wanna kick off. So i always feel overwhelmed at the generosity of my followers when they donate and have always felt bad i can't give anything back other than my thanks. But all this will change!

From now on anybody who leaves a donation will get a Kentaro Badge! They're super cool and best of all you won't find em anywhere else in the world! Be part of an exclusive Monkeygogo following group.

The badges are 25mm metal button badges. The badge will come with a complimentary thank you card, both sealed inside a plastic wallet. The package/parcel itself will be pretty plain so you won't have to worry about any descriptions or indication of its contents.

All you have to do is click on the donation button and leave a donation minimum of £5 (revised details below) followed by emailing me and leaving your postal address so I can send it to you. Followers from the UK will obviously receive their badges a lot quicker. Anywhere else abroad I can't really say for sure how long it will take.
As I've never really done this before I'm not too sure what to expect of what the demand will be like. If the demand is good i guess I'll do more badges with different images. This current set is limited to 50 badges currently and once they're gone that's it. The cost is higher for people outside of the UK due to postal charges :(

So once again:
  • donate minimum of £2 for UK followers, £2.5 for EU followers, £3 for INTERNATIONAL followers. Donations are made through paypal. Any large donations (£10+) will get multiple badges as well as random goodies like prints etc. 
  • email monkeygogo.muscle@gmail.com to confirm the amount you have donated and the name and address you wish for me to mail the badge to. 
  • I will reply to confirm I have received your donation and give you an indication on when it will be dispatched. Please be aware that confirmation may take a little while as i will not always be available to answer back  immediately. Your patience is very much appreciated.
So lets give it a try and see how it goes. Remember that specifically speaking I'm not selling anything - this is really a thank you gift for those who wanna donate anyway. And who knows it this works out well I might go onto other cool memorabilia. The prices will be subject to change once I refine this process.


  1. love it. will definitely go for it :)

  2. Cool! You could be my guinea pig ;)

  3. ooo, I'd love one, gonna do this when I have some time :)

  4. Oh Wow thanks! I'll keep an eye out ;)

  5. Brilliant idea. What a great way to promote your art, your site, and you. Plus, hopefully make a little $$$ on the side. Imagine if this idea takes off? Well done YOU! :)

  6. Well i'm pretty sure you'll see millions of other sites doing this now! JUST REMEMBER you saw it here first ;P