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Monday, 16 January 2012

Top 10 Men: Fei Long

That's it!!! the final member of my TOP 10 MEN series! Whohooooooo all it took was just under 2 years - sigh, well i guess it was 2 years worth of fun and fantasizing about worthy characters.

Anyway, now i am a bit of a Street Fighter fan, Like i was playing it like mad during the SNES days and even now SF4 takes up a of my mind! With that in mind there was no way I wouldn't feature a character from the series in my TOP 10, but who? Now its a hard one as initially i was pretty much set on Ryu - but then it occurred to me that I should choose somebody that I still immensely love but there isn't so much art of. And then came to me that Fei Long was definitely the one! There isn't a lot of art of him out there! i don't really know why - he's mega hot. Plus I have Hong Kong ancestry so all the more reason to include him in. I mean yeah i take my shirt off and i totally look like him ............. (deflates slightly).

Anyway here he is in four different flavors (hmmmmm tasty)

Anyway I had a lot of fun doing this series of images and it's quite sad it's all over now. However I have something pretty cool planned and also I'm going to be doing a "TOP10 BADASS" series featuring 10 of my favorite antagonists, Also there is the REAL MEN SERIES which is still in the works - there's still spaces so if you think you're buff enough and want to show some stuff get in contact with me.

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  1. From SF4 I love Ryu, Blanka, Fei Long, Zangief and a couple others.

  2. I quite like E.Honda as well too! He deals out so much damage!

  3. I'm a Guilty Gear fan ;p
    But your Lei Long may convert me hehe - great work!
    You know long-time project like that easily show how you improved through it and you did :D
    Keep it up!

  4. Yummy Yum! Hottest Fei-Long image I've probably ever seen. Love him in your style. There's just enough Capcom influence there to know who it is, but still with the cute but masc, sexy thick dick MonkeyGogo spin!

    Great job!

  5. Oh and yea, I get the Enter the Dragon reference. Nice touch. ;)

  6. So awesome you chose Feilong! He's always been one of the underrated hotties even with his new alternate costume in IV. Would love to see him also hard and shoot ;)

  7. I miss cumshots. I LOVE your messier work Monkey :)

    These are really good though :) I love all your work really, but I do miss the messy :P

  8. Hey Hotstuff - yeah i know what you mean about the messy shots! - here will definitely be more of those in the future - the Top 10 Men series where never intended to be messy shots - rather than that they were simply meant to be images of homage to the character and it's series.

  9. I look forward to them Monkey :)