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Sunday, 29 January 2012


Well after 5/6 years of service my PC is finally packing in (if not permanently dead). It does take about 20 mins to open up a photoshop file, and fails to boot up properly 80% of the time, but yunno what i was just a little bit too poor to be able to afford a new machine : /

Fortunately thanks to all you amazingly generous people out there I was able to use the money i got from donations to help me out with a new machine! Course it didn't completely cover the cost of a new PC but it helped out. So I can't wait to get my new PC now. Your generosity has helped keep Monkeygogo alive! And some of you have been super generous.

There are still plenty of badges left! So if you are still after one - they are still available. I got some plenty good feedback from em - as well as some sexy innovator photo's of how people are wearing them though I'm not at liberty to show em here are a couple of the feedback messages:
  • "I received the package the cards great and the Kentaro badge is awesome, anyway I was happy to help, can't wait to see more of your art." - J
  • "It just arrived today, Wednesday Jan 18th in perfect condition. Looks great !!! Perhaps one day I will have one of your art pieces on the wall as well." - T
I guess I should set up some kind of feedback area for people to sign when they receive their badges so you can read em all - but i am quite lazy :P

Anyway so in other news I just want to recommend and pass on the link to a very talented trio of artists on Y! Gallery. Pockyrum is a trio of artists that together have come up with some really amazing works. I'm blown away with their creations. You can check them out here:


I'll definitely be checking out these guys whenever they have something new.

1 comment:

  1. LOL PC(perfectly cooked) barbecue!

    My old PC served me faithfully for nearly 8 years with upgraded graphics XD still it was quite frustraiting at time working on bigger files since I started digital works.

    I gave it for a kid who couldn't afford any and bought myself a new machine from internship money I earned ;3 so everybody's happy :D

    Good luck with new one! Looking forward to more pieces :>