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Friday, 23 December 2011

Michael toweling off after workout :)

Hi guys! Sorry for the lack of updates recently - I've finished with work for the year now but I've been busy visiting friends and family! Being Christmas and all I'm pretty much sure it the same story for everybody!

Anyway I had a bit of time to myself so i  managed to squeeze in a revamp image of Michael! Though really this isn't an update of any particular image - it is a bit of an update and brush up with how Michael should look!

Generally speaking Michael is the slimmer one out of the 3 - though he is as broad as Kentaro or Marco. You could say that Michael has more of a swimmers build! Being as such I've tended to keep him trim with as a little body hair as possible. As a result I've actually shaved him down there - however i realize that some people find it uncomfortable so I've done another version with hair. See what you think.

So I'm gonna be away now for a few days - unfortunately that means that i won't be able to get a Christmas image out in time. However i'm hoping to squeeze in another post just before 2012!

I'll have access to a very low spec netbook - which means i can answer posts  and browse for porn and that's about it whilst i'm visiting family! You can all help keep me sane by emailing me cool messages and pictures :P

Either way Merry Christmas and Happy new year everybody! I got something special planned for the new year - i was gonna kick it off this month but there were some complications! Keep an eye out ;)

Monkeygogo x


  1. I like the version with hair as well, but either ways fine I suppose. Looking forward to new works for sure! You made it snow on your site?! That's awesome, and thoughtful! Enjoy your time with family, I know I am. Play a game with them or something ^^

  2. hehe somehow i don't think they are the game playing type! it is nice to be with family but personally i don't think i'd choose to do this often - i think value my own space a bit too much ;) hey thanks for commenting - glad you like the Michael pics

  3. And again.. my sight focuses on your character's cock. oh man.. so hot :d

  4. Hey Antinous51! Glad you like the image! yeah i eyes get drawn down there everytime I look at this picture!