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Friday, 2 December 2011

Marco Revisited

Hey Guys it's another revisit image much like the same as the previous post but this time round it's sexy Marco!

So the original image was actually a Kentaro image - but back then he was my only OC and Marco hadn't even been created yet. Now that i have more OC's to choose from i thought hey why not redo this pose as a Marco image instead. Now back then there was a lot of censoring concerns so i had to draw a surf board to hide the goods. Now that things are different and i have my blog, i thought to myself:
"it's about time I revealed what lurks behind that surf board"

And thus a new picture was born. Marco wears a pretty tight and sexy jockstrap that's just waiting to be torn off. I've actually done 2 nude versions - one with body hair and one without. Which do you guys prefer? hair or no hair? Personally I'm a no hair kinda guy!

Anyway another post to come pretty soon for something pretty special so keep an eye out - you don't want to miss out!


  1. I like the smooth version better

  2. I will have to dissent. Furry Marco is my favorite Marco.

    (Okay, so naked Marco is actually my favorite Marco, regardless of the status of his body hair. But hairy > smooth.)

  3. Im a hair dude, not as the point of "furry", but some little hair somewhere its hot :3

    Love this kentaro, its more.."buff" :D

  4. Well, each of the guys have their own slight differences.

    Marco is the "manly man" jock - being huge and having some hair.

    Kentaro is just huge and all around handsome, also smooooooth. Kind of a "go between" for Marco and Mike.

    Michael is the slightly smaller, more submissive blonde cutie-pie.

    That's how I see them, anyway. They're perfect as iiiiis~

  5. I like the slightly hairier version better!

  6. LOL I feel like i need to do a super hairy version now!

  7. I love his huge cock :P

  8. Both are nice but I think Marco looks good with a little fur.
    It just seems right for Marco, I cant really explain how or why

  9. LOL yunno i just realised how big his cock actually is and at a flaccid state too!!! That's my boy ;)

  10. He's way better with hair. It makes him what he trully is :3

  11. Definitely the hair!

  12. It's ironic Marco looks alot like but with less musles this guy (who just so happens to be my bestfriend) that I like... No love all though I'm pretty sure he doesnt feel the same but hey if he's happy I'm happy but anyways love the pics and Marco make some more pics of him maybe one with one or two of your top 10 men :3 love&peace4ever

  13. Oh wow I feel like I need to see what your friend looks like! It's funny to know there are people out there who may resemble my characters.

    1. He's got a great personality to boot Love&Peace4ever