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Friday, 18 November 2011

TOP 10 Men Update

So we are very nearly there with the final TOP 10 Men candidate coming up real soon!! And just for a bit of a laugh here's my break down .... all together now "Monkeygogo = ..........."  you do the math :P


There is no particular order s far these 9 have made the cut for being memorable and super sexy. Now its been like nearly a year and a half since I started this series, so i'm really looking forward to finishing it off. Chances are it will be complete before the end of the year - problem is that i'm sooo super busy at this moment but i'm sure I'll find some time soon!

Until next time :)
ps: Has my follower broken? It's been stuck at 450 followers for like forever!!!!


  1. Damn, man. Whatever you're doing to build up, keep it up. Your body's gonna match up with the guys you draw before too long.

  2. Haha that'll be a bit of an achievement, but seriously i don't think i would like to be as big as my drawings. It would look pretty weird in reality i think.