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Monday, 21 November 2011

Monkeygogo - Now easier to view on SmartPhones

Now I'm one to check my blog throughout the day to answer messages and so forth. But I'm not always able to access it though a workstation. Fortunately there's the trusty smart phone these days however I've noticed that its takes a little while to load up sometimes. I've now enabled the mobile template option so next time you load up blog on your smart phone it should look a little something like this!

The view is limited (none of the widgets show), however you can browse the latest posts with no problem and best of all loading time is much quicker. If need be there is an option to view the site as you would a normal browser. Anyway just another thing to keep you guys entertained ;) Give it a try a nd let me know what you think.

Monkeygogo X 


  1. I hope I will get a smartphone!

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  2. yeah its does make browsing on the go a lot quicker! Glad you guys like it!

  3. Monkeygogo I love your art and I would love it if you made some more Link pictures!