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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Top 10 Men: Goku

Okay so Goku from the Dragonball series has been like my secret love for like forever. I think the first time i watched the anime was in the late 1980's and I loved it (even though by today's standards it's probably a bit slow and repetitive). However irrelevant of that, in my younger days I was starting to get a bit turned on by the adult version of Goku. I mean all those bulging muscles and everything - he can literally pound my ass all he wants and i don't think i'd resist at all. And that's why he definitely has to be in my Top 10.

Anyway Goku went through so many stages I wanted tho make sure everyone got a piece of their personal favorite Goku. So here's him in all his different forms and stages (except kid Goku, fusions and Ozaru mode). See which ones you like and feel free to comment.

I've broadly categorized them into 3 main groups to keep it manageable but I've kept each button panel spoiler free So have fun going through them all.

This is Goku with his usual gear, now i actually kept it as default with no kanji branding, this is simply to make things easier for myself since the kanji changes a few time through the series despite the clothes staying more or less the same.

This is the Saiyan series, really in just Goku in Saiyan armor and Super Saiyan 1 and 2 mode. He has got some sexy underwear and Jockstrap!

And this is the GT series, basically it's all the themes Goku has by the end of DBZ and towards though to GT. So it's Super Saiyan 3 and 4. Now unfortunately i never really got onto GT because those were the years i went to University and subsequently lost track of the series.

So there you go. That means there's only one Top 10 entry left - who will it be????? You'll find out soon enough!

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Thank you all ;)

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  1. moneky~ monkey~ monkey~ >_<
    I almost forgot about Kakarot is based on monkey.(especially gorilla =ㅠ=)
    Why did I almost forgot about him?
    He is a very attractive guy!

  2. What about USSJ Goku? More muscle mass on Goku means more to love!!

  3. You are a fantastic artist, I love your work. I hope you can visit my blog and let me now your comments.


    Aknaton from Chile

  4. Love your work!! So hot!
    I'm hoping Chris Redfield made your top 10 list. But whoever it is I'm sure it will be great.

  5. I hope Kurogane from Tsubasa made it on your list. No one ever draws him, and he's SO hot.

  6. Nice ! I also LOVE Goku ! <3
    I hope so much that the next one will be Yun Seong from the SoulCalibur series ! =)

  7. ive often fantasized about having sex with that beast x3

  8. I got turned on by goku when I was small to and I still do nowt