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Sunday, 2 October 2011

Cybersex Fun

Well here's on to finish off Michael's series from a few months ago. At the time I started this is was at the beginning of summer - since then I've just been super delayed however I finally managed to complete it - albeit a little rushed!

So people haven't seen Kentaro for a while so i thought hey maybe i can throw him into the mix as well too. I've been wanting to do another sentai/scifi theme for a while not so here's my chance to give it another chance.
Kentaro had a particularly difficult pose - and the shoulder going into neck was a real challenge to get right. I had to pose in front of the mirror on all fours trying to figure it out - unfortunately my shoulders aren't anywhere near as muscley so i had to make it up as i went along :P

Here's Cyber Kentaro pinning Michael down for some action! Hope you guys like it

Here are the usual variation images to add some fun. The kissing shot was even harder to get right - i don't think i did a good enough job really but by then i think i'd given up and settled to just finishing this image series. Kentaro has a pretty sexy cute bubble butt which is one of my favorite turn ons.

So there you go guys! I'm actually looking forward to getting my other images finished now! I can't believe how late on into the year we are already. My summer literally just flashed before my eyes. Check back often for more updates ;)


  1. Love it Monkey. Especially the second panel where Kentaro has this possesive/protective look on his face. So cute. :3

  2. The shoulders-neck are just great. For some reason its really sexy. And the techno theme is very fun. Nice to see all these things come together.

  3. They look so cute!! Specially Kentaro's smile on the first pic looks very mischievous. I like it!

  4. Hey thanks a lot guys! Glad you all like it! Now to the next image!

  5. Awesome! But I miss Marco!

  6. i love it when Michael is on the receiving end!

  7. Marco and Kentaro together grabbing Michael all of a sudden one night and tying the poor blondie and raping him brutally... this is something i dream of ;)

  8. Mhmmm... tongue work. When is the rest coming out?