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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Back from Holiday!

Well I'm back from holiday! I was away at Greece where it was sunny and the average temperature each day was above 30°C (above 86°F) at least. There was Sun, Sea, Sand and a lot of other things beginning with "S". It was paradise ahhhhhhhhhh. But alas all good things must come to an end and i'm back home in the UK now where it's cold wet and miserable!

Still I managed to get a pretty good tan and good bunch of photo's to remind me of the good times. Here's one of me playing about in the sea!

Well now that I'm back i better get back onto some drawings! I seem to be submitting more photo's these days! I've still gotta finish the Michael set which will be wrapping up soon! Then i gotta finish off the final 10 Top Ten Men Series. Sorry for the delay! I've been helping a friend out with supplying art assets which has been taking up some time. But I guess I've just got to balance my work load out better!


  1. That water looks so good.
    Damn, I miss my country's beaches...

  2. O_O No way! You came to Greece?! I Live there!!! Where did you go?

  3. I was in the region called Thessolonki, on Halkidiki (Chalkidiki). I was only a week long trip but it was fun ......... lots of Russians about .......

  4. Awesome. Thessaloniki isn't even close to where i live (i live more south, close to Athens), but it's still pretty sweet that you came to Greece :P

  5. such a nice beach!! the wonderful world we live in...

  6. Yeah the water was pretty warm - though that could just been the kid peeing int he water next to me ....
    There wee loads of fish in the water as well too - so i couldn't help but chase after them

  7. Looks like a really nice place. Look at that beautiful water lol. Goto a beach here in the UK and it's brown...bleh. :p

    Glad you had a nice holiday anyway. Welcome back to the UK, the weather has been crappy all week. ^^

  8. and a picture of you doing other "s" thing??

  9. Hi Rane! Yeah i think the UK has just completely missed out on a summer - April was okay but it just went down hill from then on!
    And to Mr Anonymous here - no pictures of "s" things i'm afraid - Though I'm pretty sure if you scout about the net you find more than enough "s" pictures (just not of me).