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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Summers Finally here!

So the hot weather has finally hit us over here in the UK - I can only hope that i get to go out and enjoy it a little. Anyway so I've been drawing a lot recently but I've still not got anything properly finished. I'm really spoiled for choice at the moment and going crazy at my current image - adding loads of variations to it - but alas i think I've got to scale it down and actually commit to something.

Anyway so 2 million hits is just right around the corner so I'll be drip feeding this image set out over the next few days.

Currently because of the weather being so amazing and me trapped in the office mostly - I've been dreaming a lot about the beach .......

Some more exciting images to come really soon - expect some tentacles (oh i want spoil anymore)!!! Also there's 2 more TOP10 men to come a little later and don't forget there's also the REAL MEN series start after that!!!


  1. Love it!!! You really captured the look and feel of masculine sexuality mixed with sensuality of that hot stud enjoying a nice cool soak...and I love how you captured the look of the water. Amazing! If I was an anime character I would love to kiss that handsome face, nibble on those delicious pecs, and run my tongue down those abs, to that buried treasure. You've really outdone yourself with this one!

  2. Oh my god!
    That's my favorite;;

    You're REALLY genius, monkey!

    Well.. my fetish is..
    Tentacle or a kind of milking machine sucks some hot muscular guy's cock..
    and he get high level orgasm and multiple cum!

    Ah.. never mind ;)

  3. @Alex Thanks a lot buddy
    @Scott LOL your getting me all excited now!

  4. I love summer too!!!!

    wow, thank you for sharing!

    Check my yaoi & gay male art gallery you'll love it!

    If you want to link exchange leave a comment and I'll add you in my blogroll!