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Sunday, 3 July 2011

Real Muscle series: Chase Hostler

So for quite some time a lot of you have asked whether I would I could draw you in my style and generally the answer has always been a very disappointing no. Reason being that I have too little time to myself and what little time i have to draw I like to use to draw my boys. Also I didn't want to disappoint the person who requested it with a crappy drawing that wasn't what they hoped for. There was a lot of pressure in not being able to perform :S

Anyway so a guy called Chase Hostler recently got in touch with me and showed interest in my work and asked the usual. But rather than turning it down this time I decided to say yes - let's give it a go. So why the change in heart? Well reason being that it's time to expand a little and start drawing more than just My characters and characters that have achieved cult status. Chase himself also had a really good body and would translate well into the type of drawings I do anyway. He's obviously put the effort into looking good and is a dancer/published model. So on these grounds I've decided to accept his request. Here are the results:

Anyway guys I hope you like something different for a change and on that note ....

Wanna get a drawing of yourself made my Monkeygogo?

If you too are similar to Chase Hostler and think you have what it takes to be part of Monkeygogo's Real Men series then get in contact with me at monkeygogo.muscle@googlemail.com and I'll get back to you ASAP to tell you whether or not you are a successful candidate, we can discuss about it further when you get this far.

The criteria for a successful applicant will preferably (but not essentially):
- be professional model for Men's fashion or in health of fitness.
- or have professional career in sports.
- or a build that is considered athletic, so if you play sports a lot, or push weights at the gym a fair bit then you too could be successful.

Chase is the guideline example.

Remember that you must be over 18 to participate (please do not get me into trouble if you are a minor). All reference material will be dealt with professionally; kept strictly confidential and deleted on completion of image. Full frontal nudity is not required though some indication of build is helpful for assessment of suitability.

Currently I will limit this to a series of 12 drawings (that's 11 remaining slots after Chase). I will have to say that this is a rare opportunity so give it a try and see how it goes. Please do not be offended if you are not successful - again the slots are limited and the competition might be tough.


  1. Hot! I *REALLY* like your drawings man! Keep up the good work!

  2. Hey thanks a lot! Glad you like the image!

  3. Outstanding work. Hairy armpits, treasure trail, and a beautiful thick veiny cock.

  4. Wow, I do know this guy for some time. It`s always cool to know that such guys have interest in the same sites that a lot of us do and how two things you know come together. Anyway, you did a great job on him, I`m sure Chase will be more than happy with your work! But I don`t wonder why you said yes to him, he`s pretty handsome nd has what I call an almost perfectly shaped body ;-)

  5. @ Scott: hey thanks a lot! You've just listed my 3 favourite parts on a mans body!
    @ Chrisl44: i guess in part Chase was just the right kind of body type for my work. Opportunities like this don't come that often.

  6. I just saw your drawing on TheSword.com. I don't think it's right to post someone's artwork without crediting them.

  7. Oh well not to worry - can't get everybody to be that considerate. Funny thing is that site is asking for a real cock shot of Chase and all they can find is my drawn picture.

  8. I love its Super Hot !! Keep It Up ;) I especially like #3 !!

  9. I'm so envious XD
    I would love for someone like you to draw me, but I b far differ from the body type you draw, I'm like a stick.:(
    A cute stick though I've been told ;D

  10. Well we all start off as stick men - only dedication and hard work will beef you up!

  11. Chase is hot. Love that his underwear can barely support his dick.