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Friday, 15 July 2011

General Update

Hey Guys! Well I'm actually off work ill today - bad back and all. So what better to do than to update my blog. well there's not been much new recently - Still got loads of half finished images I need to finish up.
Thank you so much for all the interest in wanting to be drawn! I'm exceptionally sorry if you didn't make it. Unfortunately because of the interest i've had to be a bit harsh on who to keep and who to cut. But never fear! I'm pretty sure i'll start another series soon with a different theme - one that doesn't require you to be a musclebound dancer!
Anyway so i did a bit of decorating the other day - and I found myself some spare photoframes! I decided to print out some of my images and hang em up in my study, since my walls are sooo bland! I wanna try and get some good canvas prints but man a lot of places are pretty strict on what they will and will not print!
Anyway check this out ;)
I thought it best to not hang out the nude versions - since i don't want to scare away any guests or visitors .....


  1. I feel your pain. My back is fine, but my feet are killing me. We have to make a living though.

  2. LOOKING mighty awesome framed like that. Too cool. :D
    I didn't actually try to get in on the wanting to be drawn thing because I'd rather have my character drawn and not me. lol Maybe someday! Hope you have fun with the people that made it! ^^

  3. Hey Busiris! you should have tried if you felt that you had a chance to being drawn ;)

  4. Hehe, well that's probably another reason why I would rather have my character drawn and not me. I'm nowhere near as attractive as some of the people that probably entered for you. XD There is no chance I'd have been drawn. lol

  5. WOW! Excellent drawing choices for the frames. Your drawing are incredible.

  6. Hope ya feel better soon =) i like what you did in the picture would be kinda neat to have that as a poster O_O

  7. they look amazing!! I'd love to have a He-man print, but Places wont let you print them unless you have written consent. So that's when i decided to do some prints of my fanart at home. Not as great as most print shops but fairly good for portfolio pieces.

  8. What size are the prints and the frame you used they look awesome!

  9. @Darksand canvas prints are really what i'm after. I might try to get one done soon a good friend has pointed out a place that might do it.

    @Anonymous the prints are only about postcard size. The frames themselves are about 50cm long.