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Saturday, 9 July 2011

Chance encounter!

So today has been a pretty busy day for me. First of all I was out drinking till about 5am and then stayed round a friends till about 7am caught a train back home fell asleep again and then woke up at 11am and headed out to meet some friends at the London Film and Comic Con 2011.

Now the best thing about it all was that i actually bumped into Jackademus (aka Jacob Mott, and you might now him by other names also). And yunno I completely didn't know how to behave it was like "you are amazing arghhhhhhhhhhh .......... drools!" yet at the same time i didn't wanna freak him out like i was some kinda obsessed weirdo or something like that.

I wasn't really sure how to identify myself - so when I said I was Monkeygogo I was totally glad to find out that he actually remembered who I was! We chatted about art and drawings erotica - it was amazing!!!!! He was totally one of the nicest people ever. I'm so glad to have actually had the opportunity to meet one of my favorite artists of all time but alas i didn't get a picture of him and me or anything like that - in fact come to think of it I really was eyeing up some of the amazing drawings he had on his desk but I was totally freaking out from amazement overload to actually act on getting anything. And at the same time i had some friends that I was meeting up with so I kinda had to leave abruptly.

All this whilst i was still hung over .......

But it was amazing!!!!

Big Watch Boiz


  1. I love his work! That is so cool that you met Jacob Mott. His attention to detail in art erotica is exquisite.

  2. LOL my personal highlight from the conversation was that he actually liked my work!Thats like mind blowing - since I only started to draw after seeing their work!

    Now to meet other amazing artists!

  3. Awww, that's a lovely post, buddy, thank you! It was really cool to meet you at the weekend; as I told you at the time, I'm a big fan! If you're ever at a con that I'm attending, make sure you come and say hi!