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Sunday, 15 May 2011


Okay so blogger is finally up and running! But unfortunately because i was away this weekend I couldn't really find the time to update until now.

So on a special note - I'm dedicating this set to "The Gay Comic Geek" - who is obviously a big He-Man fan himself. Now i'm pretty chuff to have his as a follower of this blog so from one blogger to another  please accept this as gift art for an amazing and inspiring website. And for all you guys that don't know what i'm talking about please check out his site if you haven't already!

Anyway so this is He-Man (drools a little). Now what can I say but WOW about He-Man I mean he's totally made of testosterone laden goodness and just look at what he's wearing??????? Total cock tease if you ask me but i think it's fair to say ......."me likeyyyyyyy". Now I especially liked the 2002 series of He-Man simply because they went into so much details with how and why - with a lot of the characters. It's a shame the series got cancelled just as it got really exciting! So here's what i see in my mind!

So not only do we get He-Man in his 2002 costume we also get Prince Adam gear as well too - again from the 2002 series. Now the only thing that's from the original is He-Man's sword which i think is much more iconic than the modern version. Check em all out and see what you  think!

If you like what you see please feel free to leave a comment - or better yet make a donation ;) I'm trying to save up for a new PC as this one is falling to pieces after 4/5 years of amazing service!

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  1. You know who would make an awesome addition to the top 10? Wolverine
    Cos he has two costumes, his X-Men and then his biker-ish one

  2. Well there's only 2 spaces left now! So we'll have to wait and see who comes up ;)

  3. Oh, so fucking hot! I love it!

  4. Ah, He-Man. Definitely an epitome of manliness! Way better than the 80's He-Man IMO. 80's He-Man looked a bit too flamboyant for my tastes.

  5. @gaygeekyvlogs thanks a lot! I'm glad its hot enough for you ;)

    @Baraloverboy LOL i know what you mean about the 80's He-Man, should have done a parody image with theh old style hair !

  6. I love the Adam one. Its so cute. I love all your work Monkey!

  7. Yeah theres something about Adam version that looks quite cute! I like the Jockstrap version but thats just me!

  8. But jockstraps are always sexy. ;)

    I'd buy a few myself, but I'm afraid of my family finding them and questioning my fashion sense. lol

  9. really? Jockstraps are quite normal - i mean i have a couple.

  10. You know, ever since you said that, I've been looking around online for cheap jockstraps to buy. I've bought a few now (skiviez.com had a sale these past few days). And I must say, they're very sexy to wear! And more comfortable actually. I like how it doesn't have sleeves, like boxers or boxers briefs, that'll ride up on your leg.

  11. You gust my childhood.....BETTER