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Friday, 25 March 2011

TOP 10 Men WIP - Dingo Egret

Progress Update 85% Complete:
- Well it's getting there - but i tell you now that Dingo's outfit is a bugger to work out! In part there's so little good reference out there but i think i should be able to handle it no problem. Need to get the sleeve and should portion sorted as well as the head gear.
- Okay so bit more progress on it tonight! managed to work out the base of the helmet (which was an absolute bugger to work out) and shoulder pads. and sleeves and gloves to do now really! But it's looking really good. It's great to see it come along!
Latest: So it's all there now line wise and base colors - now it's time to take it into the next level and add some shading in! This for me is the most challenging part. I've created a sequence here so you can see the way i work by layering up detail so far.


  1. Hmmm. Kinda looks like Dingo Egret. Nonetheless, can't wait to see it finished X3

  2. OMGJHDGBSHGS Dingo!!!!! I love Dingo and hes very obscure yhea D:!!!!

    We need more Anubis art deffinetly and this looks great soo far

  3. Oh man you guys must be like psychic or something? It is indeed Dingo Egret! Even his name sounds sexy!

  4. I like it. He looks tough

  5. Yeah i always thought that Dingo was a bit of a tough nut - thats why he finished the job that Leo couldn't do! pffffff boys :P

  6. The amrour turns out amazing!!!!! I dont want to see it full view and be spoilered but damn...looks pretty awesome xD

  7. I don't know who he is but I'm hot for scifi body suits and anything bound in muscle.

  8. Oh wow - Dingo Egret is the main character in Zone of the Enders 2 - Anubis. But your right he does have a hot sci-fi suit and bound in muscle ;)