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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Top 10 Men So Far

Hey guys this is really more of a catchup that an update! Hope everyone had a fantastic valentines day! Mine was a bit boring to be honest - safe to say that both me and my partner are wayyy past our honey moon phase!

Anway here are the links to all the "TOP 10 Men" series so far for your convenience. Now remember there's no real order to my "TOP 10" and it's safe to say that they are all pretty close - i'm not picky I'd pimp myself to any of them or even all at the same time hehe.

Now there's only 4 left so you better hope that our tastes our pretty similar. If not then no need to worry, I'm pretty sure I'll do a "TOP 20" list or maybe even more run a poll for "Most Wanted" later on this year. We'll get there eventually.

Lots of love to all,



  1. Soo far my fav ahs been Wakka!

    The top 20 idea sounds pretty neat, we cant make justice with a top 10 list with soo many hunks runing around

  2. Wakka makes me sooo horny, but Scar gets me all moist n' sticky.

  3. Lol thank you very much for sharing that with us Debbie! I Guest since we get a lot of messgaes from guys saying how hot and sticky they get, It's equally good to here is from the gals! Welcome Debbie to my blog!

  4. I both love wakka and scar!! i'm a big fan of them since they were created!! and they make me drool!!