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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Top 10 Men: Locus

Now I've wanted to do an Patrick Fillion character since like forever! But it was a hard choice choosing between Camili-Cat or Locus. Finally I decided to do Locus simply because he rocks my boat just that little bit more.

In general I find most of Patrick Fillion's Art very inspiring. It's not really about what he's drawing but rather his raw passionate desire to draw thats inspiring. He certainly one of the more successful and famous gay erotic artists about. I would most definitely call him a pioneer in the field. It inspires me a lot seeing someone like Patrick Fillion out there and doing what they do.

Anyway so here's my rendition of Locus as one of my TOP10 MUSCLE MEN series:

I remember the first time I saw Patrick Fillion's Locus and thought wow that is the sexiest extra terrestrial I've ever seen  - maybe it was the massive schlong he had between his legs but that wasn't the point .......

So coming up with the pose is a hard one since i don't want to alway just come up with the same pose that everyone else goes for. So i decided to go for a gun pose - I kinda had to pose with a banana to get the basics in my head and then off I went. Most of Partick Fillion's characters are uncut! So notice that image 3 has foreskin.

Now Locus I thought was quite hard to get right because his facial features are very different to characters that i would usually draw. There's no nose or eyebrows and for me they're what i really use to get the facial expression into an image. Even Locus's eyes were hard to understand as they're dark with a tint of a pupil. I think the version i made is probably not as slender as Patrick has his - I'll have to learn to draw slender characters.

Locus is copyright to Patrick Fillion all right reserved to him and all. You can find his website here:
Well thats about it guys hope you enjoy it!

ps: Theres NO UNDERWEAR SHOT in the series -why have i missed that out i will have to add one it  later! Locus in a jock strap me thinks .....


  1. All are good
    The full foreskin shot should show the long shape of his penis head
    You draw a nice locus

  2. Yunno you're right! See my thinking was that maybe when flacid the head of the penis is also shorter (but i think i might have fallen into my own trap of what i think would happen with what actually is correct for this character. If you play the last 3 image in order they kinda animate LOL getting longer and bigger.

  3. Love it. Nice interpretation, and layout. I like your style.

  4. Pretty cool illustrations!!! Hes deffinetly an interesting character to work with and his expresions are soo damn cute in here x33333

  5. Hey Thanks a lot DEVILMAN ;) I'll h ave t admit that our styles are so different - I would love to ink like he does.

  6. Yeaaahhhh i love Locus :D

  7. oh men love locus very hot i lov this pênis head and foreskin