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Sunday, 27 February 2011

Costume ideas

Okay so I need a costume idea for a work charity day. The theme is oddly enough video game characters! But it's work so obviously I do want some kind of modesty - I do have to face these people afterwards.

Any ideas guys? All suggestions welcome as well as any advice on making costumes would be very much appreciated.

I got 3 weeks to sort it out. And i'd prefer not to do something too easy like Ryu and a bit of a challenge would be cool. But it's gotta be fun and quirky! Oh and I gotta be able to go out afterwards and party with it , so dressing up as a giant Pikachu might not be a good idea.

Currently I'm thinking Viewtiful Joe which seems to be fun challenge! But the helmet seems hard work and i'm going to have to get hold of a red one piece spandex type thing. Better start working....
Note: I did not do this image! All rights reserved to Capcom.


  1. Look at spandexman.com. You may not have to look anywhere else for spandex costumery ever again! :D

  2. Well, I supose a spandex will be really interesting, hey! what do you know, maybe you get a boyfriend with that! ;D

  3. Ike from Fire Emblem?

  4. How about Chris Redfield? :]

  5. Chris Redfield and Snow From Final Fantasy 13

  6. How bout any guys from Gatchaman. I guess they're all spandex-ish

  7. Professor Layton. That hat is fantastic.

  8. There's three possibilities I can think of:

    Rei - If you wanted to to this one it'd involve the most work, since you'd probably need to do full-body makeup from the hips up as well as ear prosthetics and a wig. The costume would be the easiest out of this, but you'd really need some help for it.

    Billy Kane - Probably the easiest, since all you need is a bandanna, jeans, boots, and a leather jacket you could embellish with some yellow. Oh, and a big stick.

    Jin Saotome - Kinda middle-of-the-road in difficulty of the three, but easily the most modest since it's the only one of the ideas you wouldn't have to run about bare-chested for. :P

  9. Viewtiful joe sounda awesome...adn hot

  10. Think up something you'll see in a video game and not a porno.
    Spandex is more comic superheroes, anyway.
    Think "fashion" and not "how naked can I make this person w/o making them naked?". o3o

  11. Enzo from Assassins Creed :D

  12. You should be like a slasher from dead space

  13. Machoke from Pokemon..? Hehe~
    I think it's really difficult work.

    If you really choose pokemon, I hope you don't pick Machamp. I don't like machamp ;A;

  14. And.. How about..
    Neinhalt Sieger from Samurai Shodown 2.

    I love this guy but I couldn't found any Sieger gay pic for 15 years..

    If you choose him, It's easy for drawing body. But it's little bit difficult for his weapon.
    His weapon is big and massive(?).

    Oh. just kidding ;9. His weapon is big single gauntlet.