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Sunday, 16 January 2011

2011 Special completed!!!

So I was off by over 2 weeks but so I hope everyone will find this worth waiting for! It took a while to get the image right and I was repainting this a few times to try and get this right and I even went to great lengths to get the background right also! The background was actually made using a 3d package called Maya (which is basically my one of my tools of the trade in the industry). Cool thing about the background is that because it's in 3d i can render it from any angle i want at the click of a button so expect more Dojo scenes in the future :P

Now drawing the 3 characters wasn't hard but it was tricky merging them together - since I kinda drew them all separately and then decided to fit them all together. As such the perspective is not entirely correct (and was a nightmare to fit into the Dojo scene as a result). Now as usual I had to use myself as reference a lot of the time to work out a lot of the finer details. The orginal image is really large - So maybe in the future i'll get it printed onto canvas and i dunno sell em to fans or give one out as a competition prize, we'll see.

So anyway this is it, the belated 2011 Special submission!

Other News:
So a really good friend of mine has just released an Iphone game. Supposedly it's one of the very few gay orientated Iphone apps out there currently. It's called "My Mini Gay Boyfriend" and it's really fun! Here are some screen shots, it's out there on the itunes store so please do check it out. It's not expensive at all and its full of mini surprises. Now originally i was going to do some art for this game, (the game's creator and I worked together back in EA days) - but as I've been so busy I've not really been able to take on any of this work. However I'm sure you'll all agree that the artist who worked on this game definitely had a great sense of humour and I think he did a marvellous job on the art. 


  1. I love it! well worth the wait.

  2. Lmao, the mini boyfriend game looks soo cute! pcially the green and blue avatars! Ill be sure to downlaod ti once i get my Iphone!

    Hey Monkey, seems this picture was a big project!! The coloring turn out awesome and all those hairy details yummmm!!!!!!!! I also want a big poster with this image *0*

  3. See i don't mind making some monkeygogo merchandise but i guess it's all a matter of costs now, and finding a supplier.

  4. mmm.. I totally love when Kentaro is the bottom :P

  5. Yeah Kentaro should bottom a bit more often!

  6. ...this game is ridiculously cute, what is this. Your friend did a great job. I'll recommend it. XD