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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

A "quick release" image! Merry Xmas

Okay so here's the image i was working on - here are some variations as per usual. This image was and still is made for animating - so check back later and see how it's getting on - sorry I've been super ill for the past week so it's thrown everything off schedule. I've also got a New Years image in the making so hopefully I will get that sorted in time too. But here's a nice Xmas image for all you guys also! So print it out and make it into a card for someone you love!

So this is a character based on myself - I've decided to add a tail in there; simply because I am a monkey fanatic so can't not have one in there really. Now image 2 is actually my favourite so far - there just something about erect penises in tight underwear (in this case they're actually meant to be swim trunks) that's really quite sexy!

Hope you guys like it!

Happy Holidays guys!

ps: Check this site out! http://snowflakes.barkleyus.com/index.html Create whatever snowflakes you feel like and use em for your on images!


  1. Man...you do awsome stuff. But this one makes me PRETTY DAMN HORNY! >o<

    ¡Moar! ^o^

  2. Damn hot, dude. I especially love the third and fourth (although I honestly think the faces should've been switched on those two :P).

  3. Your rigth!!! The second one is soo hawt but the 5th one, with that cute smile is soo cute!!!

    Great job again!!!! I like a lot this saiyan version of yours xDDDD

  4. The smile! The smile! Omg that is the sexiest smile I've seen so far! This is truly amazing work! Keep it up! Have a wonderful holiday!<3333

  5. LOL everyone always talks about the smile! I'm happy everyone likes the smile but i've always found them fairly average! Am i the only one not seeing something here????

  6. wow :P i whould like to ride that nice piece of meat XD very sexy and very hot

  7. <3 the cute monkey feet and face.

  8. I'd like to see the pictures you used as references. ;D (Hopefully there are some? You'd be gorgeous.)