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Monday, 20 December 2010

CGI fun!

Being a 3D CGI artist by profession anyway - I thought I'd have some quick fun in modelling my own 3D muscle character this only took me a bout 3 hours to get going from some spheres but already you can really see the shapes take from. Now Zbrush is a really powerful package allowing you to quickly add detail where you want and now worry too much about polycount - since most likely all you want is a good normal, specular and AO map from it most the time. This model is in every way wrong though - i will scrap this and do a better one - but i did get to learn a bit from it.


  1. hi,

    is 3D CGI difficult to learn for fisrt-timers??

  2. Hey Musc, It can be, the thing is that it's a very wide and broad discipline and requires some good visualisation skills to begin with. It's certainly not something you can pick up if you don't have time to invest deeply into it.

    Modelling, Texturing, Lighting, these three field alone can take many years to master. And even if you master it you might only be limited to being an Environment/Hard surface modeller and not really know anything about character modelling still. If you want to build a character from scratch.

    Once you master modelling you gotta master texturing which requires and lot of patience and some solid photoshoping skills painting texture sheets from scratch. Layout out UV's in a model, working with shaders so get the right properties of a material. It's very technical.

    And finally Lighting this is may favourite bit but it's also the most challenging bit. Remember in the CG world there is no such thing as lights (not as we know it anyway) so really it's about simulating it to the best of your abilities to replicate the correct lighting conditions you would want.

    I recommend learning to model first with as basic a package as you can just to get used to what you will be dealing with a lot - poly's, verts, edges, faces, normals, edge loops, topology. I've been doing it for nearly 10 years now and I still feel like there's lots more to learn. I used a combination of Maya, Max and Zbrush. I would recommend staying away from Poser.

  3. Man...have I ever said that I love you work? ^^
    I wanna draw and model like you when I grow up xD
    And I think the CGI was getting pretty good :3

  4. This is pretty awesome. I can't see why you want to scrap it. I really like it.

  5. ahh see in terms for the form its fine - but techically it's full of mistakes - I should have started completely differently. Thats the thig about being an CGI artist is that you can never be too precious over anything. And the next one you make will always be better ;)

  6. many thanks Monkeygogo for the excellent and helpful information. I am very interested into Zbrush. (as i have seen so many amazing realistic texture) and the amazing natural looking end works.

    But as they are so many different 3D app.
    i am even not sure if thay all are stanalone app, or if i need more than one 3D app for finalise one project?

    Zbrush, can it be use as an single app for creating human model?

  7. Hey Musc!
    It really depends on what you want to do with the model afterwards. Zbrush is slightly limited in that you cannot animate. Zbrush is designed to only with with extremely hi poly models, so that you can generate useful textures with.

    Maya is the main package I use. It's industry standard stuff and does everything you need it to do. BUT it does not work like Zbrush does (simply because it's not that kind of 3d package ZBRUSH is very Uunique with the only true comparison being MUDBOX). However MAYA like most 3D packages can do just about anything. You could make you're own CGI feature movie with it if you wanted to. The thing to remember is that ALL these 3D packages can export and import files which they can all read such as OBJ, FBX, etc So what you get are artists that jump between software packages to get the best of both worlds. If you must choose a standalone package i would recommend either MAYA or 3DSMAX just because they are the most popular in terms of the industry. I would have to admit that Zbrush is only a good compliment and should not be used alone if you want to work in CGI.