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Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Top 10 Men: Link

Here' is my latest top then men series image -  presenting BUFF Link - from the Zelda series. Now I've always been a bit of a link fan and the idea of an erotic version of Link has always been in my mind since I bought this issue of SuperPlay back in December 1992 link - I'm super glad I got the opportunity to do my version albeit more extreme. the problem with Link is that there's too much of the bishi art and not enough of the hunky/bara type. So my version I decided to beef him up a bit. Now there are 2 versions here; one with little or no hair and one with regular hair in the pits and pubic area. Now the reason why I decided to do a hairless version was because I thought Link being some weird elf like thing maybe has little or no body hair at all. Just imagine if a guy shaved himself.

The following version has more public hair and armpit hair. So for all you guys who like it that way here's your stop. there's only 5 images because the first one being fully clothed has no alternative version.

Well there you go guys hope you enjoy these images - I certainly had fun making them as well as doing the posing for it - one day I'm going to hire out a proper model to help pose for me.


  1. Love the Hair-Version! ^o^

    I love the manly expression ^¬^

  2. i never found Link sexy, X_X but you make him sexy for me . great!!!

  3. "being some weird elf like thing" lololololol xDDDDDD

    Great!!!! I never find Link sexy honestly, but this version is super hot!!! The hairy version is made of pure win x3

  4. So for all you guys who like it that way here's your stop.

    Aww, how thoughtful!

    Anyway, aside from being ALL ABOUT VERSION 2 (a bit of fur is mindmeltingly hot, in my opinion), I must say that seeing this pop up on y!G made my day.


  6. YEAH! :D
    No, I'm joking. :)
    Both Links are nice. But the one with the hair is slightly more manly... And manly is hot! :D

  7. Damn that link is sexy! I hop e next is Ganon!

    also, I like how you made link right handed even though he is a lefty

  8. Love it!
    But it feels too strange because of the missing legs! :)
    Calves are the body part that I like the most hehehe

  9. Damn, I sure like the hairless version, which is always my opinion, but the hairy version in here is not bad eithere. Great work for both versions!
    The best pics sure are fully dressed version (don`t know, the muscles coming out of that nice proportioned shirt look damn sexy) and the bit more dressed up underwear version.
    And yeah, you are absolutely right about buffing him up, he doesn`t just look much more manly that way, but also more believable in his role as the big hero.

  10. I mean maybe in the real world Link would start off as a bit of a flimsy - but you think after kicking some monster butt throughout his travels he would most likely beef up quite a bit! Even with the power gloves and boots :P

  11. I could stare at that triforce tattoo for hours! ;)

  12. Yunno it kinda make me want one in the same place

  13. They're amazing! I like the second one though. I'm sure that's Link when he gets older. Now to wait until the developers make it so. THEY BETTER DO IT D:<

  14. wow, great :)

    You should use them to create some flash game... I'm sure they will be loved by all the web :)


    PS: if you like yaoi this is my fav images blog


  15. There is too much bishie art of Link. Although, have you guys seen the "Manly Link" pic on DA?


  16. I really like your hairy version of link. I think you should draw Nathan Drake from uncharted next. I would love to see him shirtless/ naked. There doesn't seem to be enough artwork of him around.

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  18. I love the smooth one, so slick. Makes me want to rub that body so much...

  19. Now THAT's what I call Elfin magic!