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Saturday, 23 October 2010

Beaten up Monkey!!

Hey guys sorry for the lack of updates again - works getting a bit crazy at the moment and i guess being the lead means i gotta spend more time managing the project - even beyond the ordinary work hours. Milestone comes to an end next week so I should find some time to finish off some drawings soon.

Anyway so an interesting thing happened yesterday. Was walking to work as you do and there was this guy walking towards me on the same pavement. And just as we walk passed each other he went berserk and decided to slug me one. I think he was aiming right for my face - but because i noticed movement and looked towards him (thus shifting my face) he managed to strike me full on at the right side of my face/head where my ear was. Man my ear was ringing pretty bad and i was a bit disorientate - but thankfully i wasn't knocked down or worst knocked out. I just took the punch (like a man) and stared at him to watch out for a further attack. He started screaming all types of shit (couldn't really make it out) and went off continuously screaming and shouting.

So he wasn't trying to rob me or take anything - and it was completely unmotivated. HOW MAD IS THAT? But on hind sight it just worried me how i let my guard down so much - could have been a knife or a gun.

So if my drawing style gets bit retarded and the quality drops - then assume the knock to my head did more damage than i thought :P

LOL or maybe it knocked me straight!!! hmmmmmmm boobies.



  1. Man u gotta give me some credit , as if I wouldn't have called the cops immediately. They appeared pretty quickly but the guy was long gone. Fortunate there was some CCTV so they may be able to track him - but truth be told I don't think they'll find him. I just wouldn't like it to happen to anyone else.

  2. Holy shit! *Kisses the injury better x1000000* I hope they do catch him. slugging people on the streets is simply not done.

  3. im glad it didnt turn into anything worse then that. still wtf was that guy doing O_O i hope you a fast recovery =)

  4. Sorry I'm irredeemably schadenfreude, so the concept of walking to work (which is not really a joyous occasion to begin with)and then randomly getting punched in the face by an angry stranger just lols me. What di your coworkers say when you tried to explain this?

  5. Sounds like the guy might have been Bi-Polar, in any case hope you're ok, P.S if I lernt anything from high school it's that you can't be knocked st8 :)

  6. Well truth be told I got better things to worry about than being punched by a random stranger - however the Police have said that it does sound more consistent with cases involving someone who's got mental issues. Most attacks tend to involve some kind of robbery or hate crime - but this didn't seem to be either. So in many respects I hope he gets the help he needs. Work has been great about it - got the day off work (fully paid), the team sends me their best and HR/Management have offered to help anyway they can.

  7. Sorry to hear about your attack, but glad you appear ok. Even in a difficult situation you still have a great attitude.