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Welcome to my blogspot fellow art lover of muscle! Here you will find all my creations gathered into one gallery. Please have a browse around and feel free to leave a comment - it's always nice to hear from the people who actually take the time to view my work - namely you. I can't thank you guys enough. Please do not reproduce or post any of my images outside this website - or if you really want to then please email me in advance ;) Your continued support is much appreciated.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Watch out for the Move!!!


Hey guys! Sorry again for the lack of updates! Just came back from a short holiday break - which is why there's been little activity here recently!
Anyhow! A VERY BIG NOTE TO SAY THAT www.monkeygogo.net will soon migrate to become:
So please take note of this on your favorites. Just in case you should log on one day and the nothing shows up!
I'll be copying across as much as I can very soon - so that in effect there will be 2 identical blogs. I will definitely give plenty of warning before I close down monkeygogo.net!
All other accounts will still be in operation:
So should you get lost you can always check out any updates from these links also.
- monkeygogo

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