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Thursday, 9 September 2010

Quality Gay Art under threat???

Yunno it's come to my attention that a lot of quality artists are under threat with restrictions on what they can and can't post. It's come to the point where even a recluse such as myself has to say a thing or 2. Blogs, various Gallery accounts - they all seem to be getting culled in some massive witch hunt.

As an example I am very confused and saddened to hear of Humbuged being banned from Y!Gallery. He still has a blog though http://www.humplex.com/

For an artist - the love to draw and express oneself is not limited and I'm pretty sure that every artist out there truly believes in freedom of expression. It's a continuous learning process that requires observation and replicating what one observes onto whatever medium the artist chooses (be it digital or traditional).

However there seem to be too many rules and restrictions which seem to limit what an artist can and can't post these days - and the line between what's acceptable and what's not seems to be extremely vague - perhaps sometimes causing confusion or misunderstandings.

Anyway this has recently come to my attention - which looks pretty attractive and potentially a place to migrate towards to in the future.


This is from the same guys who brought us "BestMaleBlogs" - what makes this really attractive is that they specifically cater for Adult Gay content. You can start up a blog with them completely free and may be a much better option for many gay bloggers out there.


  1. I can't really agree with the sentiment that humbuged getting banned from y! is part of some kind of witch hunt. I love his art, but those rules have been in effect since y!Gallery started and don't get changed that often. I agree that getting banned for tracing or whatever it was he did is a little strict, but to get banned it had to have happened before, and if he did it again knowing that, then it's really his own fault and not the y!Gallery staff.

    y!Gallery doesn't just suspend someone upon report, and when you report someone for tracing (or any violation of rule 6) you're required to post the original work with the report. (Whether it was traced or whether the whole work was stolen)

    However, the blogs part I can agree with. It seems as if people are getting hunted down on their own blogs, and that's just not right. It's good to know that there's a blogging site that allows adult gay content now.

  2. Y-gallery sucks because they have far too many rules. Whatever your stance on tracing is, Inking and Coloring are just as much arts as penciling and painting, and Y-gallery is not friendly to either. I was banned for a month because I colored/painted a sketch Sarumaru did, and I painted it so I could post it on his y-gallery fan club. But since it didn't follow their exact retarded collaboration protocol, I got banned. I learned alot and seriously beefed up my art skills by coloring other peoples lineart, and absolutely none of it was allowed on y-gallery. I can understand trying to reduce art theft, but y-galley essentially gives the finger to colorists and inkers. If you notice, this is why there are very few high grade artists on y-gallery, since most artists easily branch off into and learn other area's of art. Plenty of inkers learn anatomy and gradually become better pencilers just as colorist's learn shading, lighting, etc and grow into painters. And I have been on plenty of other sites and boards where I've never once had a problem. But Y-gallery is just ridiculous.

  3. @darkmagistric -

    See now that I can agree with. y!gallery is unnecessarily strict on people who color things that aren't originally drawn by them unless it's done in photoshop. Unless it was because you didn't list it as a collab, in which case that is an even stupider reason to get a month-long ban.

    But there's a difference between "I painted this sketch someone did" and "This was all me" and AFAIK hum pretty much claimed to own all his works. IF he traced, then that kind of sucks, but it's not as if all his work is traced so whatever. If not, then it's probably best that he left a place that would make false claims against him.

  4. I dunno even if Humbug traced i doubt it's 100% exact copy - he must have some of his own creative input into it. Even i myself use reference material from google every now and then (hands and feet say) to work out what and how to draw. If i didn't have stuff to look at how do i know what to draw in he first place? HAHA I Even have a full sized mirror in fron of my PC so i can look at myself when i draw to work out anatomy!

    I guess something that may cross the line is that should you trace over existing images and see these tracing out afterwards say as commision work etc then that becomes slightly unethical since you're making money out someone else's work. However I'm sure Hum does go as far as that.

    PS: when i mentioned witch hunt i didn't mean hunting down gays or anything like that i meant in in respect to some of there rules, can't use this can't use that.

  5. Interesting. Its very easy to notice wath has been happenign in Y! now that you mention it

    I have no idea about Humbu part, but the rules on Y! gal are soo weird at times. For example, i seen pictures of huge muscled guys being deleted, cus theyr pecs looks like female boobs and femenine characters arent allowed

    This brings me to talk with a mode about it, because tehres many arts of very femenine boys in Y!, I dont have anything against them but makes me wonder how a big muscled guy can be more femenine

    I simply say "OK, i udnerstand the rules this way: big muscled guys with giant pecs arent allowed, but girls with penis are allowed? and the mod simply replyed "yup"

    Soo far i never had any trouble at my blogg, but post art on Y! is........very tricky

    Ill check out the site you show here, thanks a lot :D!

  6. I realize you probably didn't mean hunting down gays specifically, but there actually was a stint a while ago where a lot of gay blogs were taken down and some of them never came back up.

    But yeah, there's a major difference between referencing and tracing. I think if he had been banned for referencing it would say that specifically on his page as opposed to the tracing, overlay, etc. thing. I really hope the tracing in question (if it actually did happen) was with something someone paid for unless it was heavily edited. Because that'd be pretty low. And really, getting banned for not listing references would be really dumb of the mods to do. (Not that I'd put it past some of them)

  7. I'm very confused in all this, Humbuged being banned on Y-Gallery? for what? I don't even know what picture it was because I don't own a y-gallery account, but I heard their rules are pretty fucked up half the time, thats why I stick with FA for posting adult gay art and normal adult art. its just.. damn I extreamly confused. X_X

  8. Don't even remind me about the Humbuged fiasco :(, and i agree with a Lot of things MonkeyGoGo said which people do seem to forget, either way the best Male diaries looks very promising, and let's be honest, aren't you all annoyed that you have to click on that damn accept button every time ? Also the first time i put a chat box on my blog i was harassed by someone with nothing better to do telling me that I'm sick and that people can google these things.
    My case aside, it's nice to know that if push comes to shove there will be other places to share our art with others.

  9. WoW really Humbuged being Banned for Tracing? I thought it was something alot more serious like him drawing a picture of Cyl ripping out Keric's Insides cuz he's obsessed or something weird and perverce like that. I mean that's a pretty Ballsy move on Y-Gallery's Part, not only are they banning a popular artist from their site (lowering their clientèle) but this might make the other artists upset and possibly lead them to leave Y-Gallery as well. Granted I highly Doubt this would start a chain reaction forcing everyone to leave, but since Y-Gallery is a business (a business that hosts artists Images for free, with the option for paid accounts) their main revenue is from advertising, and this giant dip in pageviews would hinder them a bit. Personally i think it was harsh of Y-Gallery to do this a suspension yes, he did violate one of the rules, however a complete ban? besides Y-Gallery is probably run by a bunch of yaoi fangirls who where probably jealous and where itching for a reason to ban him. I'm sure we could all go on about this but is there really no way to reappeal the ban once it's been put in place?

  10. @Darksand - He got suspended for it before, that's why he got banned this time. And you can appeal your ban during y!gallery's "forgiveness" period they do yearly. I think it's around the time of it's anniversary (Feb. 14th). I guess around then we'll see if he plans on returning there or not.

    And yeah, some of the mods actually look for reasons to ban artist they don't like. I think it is time for new staff.

  11. Yes as Branchlaw said, while I do see the witch hunt type stuff happening, I don't think Humbugged was wrongfully banned at all.