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Thursday, 20 May 2010

Okay as requested!

Okay so this will happen like only this once! Since I feel quite bad not having actually being able to upload more often! This is an actual photo of me! With the face covered up - nothing to hide - i got a purteee face, I just don't want my face plastered around this place thats all! As you can see I'm not exactly the most muscular guy on the planet, and I'm no where near as muscular as my drawings but hey its me.

Dunno what everyone was actually expecting and I hope its not a let down. But take it as a little bit of a thank you for the upcoming 1000000 hits! Whohooooooo! Hopefully get another drawing out there soon!

Also check this out guys http://jezzasmilez.blogspot.com/2010/05/monkeygogo.html#more its a quick interview that I did for Jezza's blog. Thanks a lot Jezza for actually interviewing me in the first place ;)

Man I'm revealing too much about myself now!


  1. are you kidding i think your body is hot

  2. Hey thanks! Don't know to think really - I'm not much of a exhibitionist and truth be told I'm quite shy about my body X3

  3. You look delicious! No need to be shy or modest!

  4. Have to agree! You've got an amazing body that most guys, including myself, would kill to have.

    Too bad you're not an exhibitionist though... maybe then we'd have to poke you for more pics. Hehe. >:]

  5. Awesome! Very clever cover up Gogo! The happy trail is gold. Now that I have a face (well body) to put to those raunchy revelations you gave in my Q&A, I'd like to know - Will you marry me? hehehe I kid.
    Thanks for participating in my Q&A, bud and thanks even more for howin us your sexy bod.

  6. woah!
    I would love to have a body like that XD

  7. Even if you aren't the most muscular, You still look cute ;)

  8. ¡Hey Monkeygogo, you are pretty beefy! ;D
    I think you are more than....(I dont know how to say it in English, better write in my language).

    ¡Estas mas rico que comer pollo con la mano chabon! *¬*
    (Something like; "U are more yuumy than eat chicken-wing with bare hands")


  9. Wow.. are you joking? you totally look.. amazingly delicious .you should post more pics of you.. more full bodies.. with ur face.. lol. >.<! besides.. dont be shy..you def, dont look as bad as me. lol . v^.^ v

  10. XD I never expect that you have a great body... XD

    Droooools to have that shape...

    Now... If only I can see how you look like :D

    *Peeks @_@

  11. Soo many comments already o_o

    This is awesome, i love the Kentaro face, really fits in the image xDDDD

    Now now, i remember seen a pic of you on DA milleniums ago, lol soo i know the upper part, my mind just need to put it together with this pic and, there you go xD!!!!

    You looks soo....delicious *¬*

  12. Wow I didn't expect this many positive comments thanks a lot guys ! I've toned down since last year- I'm actually doing more cardio than weight training now. Didn't want to do the five meals a day + protien shakes and just focus on lifting heVy weights. so now I just have 2 meals a day and I work out as usual but do more cardio.

  13. Man, what are you talking about? You're so hot, your body is perfect ^^
    I would like to have one like yours instead of mine that is only bones T-T
    PS: I love your draws, my dream is see one of my draws here, but drew by you ^^
    PS2: sorry by my bad english @_@

  14. Dunno why you thought we'd be let down. Hot man is hot. Not going overboard on muscle is a good thing as too much can make some people look worse than they were.

    Speedo pic next plz. Just kidding!

    Be proud of what you got.

  15. Hotness is always welcomed. :3

  16. hey well thanks! I'm glad i'm still considered HAWT! never really posted a bare chested photo online before so not really sure what to expect the feed back to be like!

  17. Monkey! You look great! How can you imagine that you don't have a great body?!

  18. wow dude you look awesome! I don't see why you're so modest, I wish I had a body like yours! :)

  19. Yup, I agree! ^^ Your body is hot, but... I love your face! :PP

  20. LOL this has probably got to be the most comments i've ever had on a single posting!

  21. OMG I want you to rape me!!!!

  22. Are you joking me? You've got a great body! Well done sir!

  23. But Monkey, you're a hottie! Can we have more pics, please? Undies? Face? Butt? ♥

  24. Your Body Is My Drug @.@ :3


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