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Monday, 24 May 2010

1,000,000 HITS

No way! Its finally happened! 1 MILLION HITS! This causes for a very special image to mark this momentous occasion! Unfortunately i'd been so busy with work recently i aint been able to do much drawing. This week trapped in HK has caused a back log of work that needed to be sorted out.

Keep an eye out for a future 1000000hit submission guys! Though with the amount of comments i got for my previous post maybe i'll just take the easy with out and do a nudey photo instead LOL

Just kiddin, drawing it is! just give me some time to catch my breath ;)

Once again Thank you very much to everybody who visits my site - not just the old school veterans that seem to come back again and again for more. But also to the new people who have just discovered this site. Your support is much appreciated ;)



  1. I say post the nudey ;)

  2. Nudey! Nudey! Nudey! NUdey!...or how bout a shot from behind of your back and booty? :)

  3. Congrats Monkey!!!!!!
    Your fans really know wath they want xD

  4. You sound surprised that you've reached 1,000,000 followers... With a blog as good as this... You're so silly. <3

    Stiiiiiill~ Congraulations!

  5. Why not draw a picture AND take a nudey pic.. With your real face too? I mean since a momentous occasion :D.. And congrats monkey!! You rock!

  6. Hey thanks a lot guys!!

    A nudey photo and a pic! Thats asking for wayyyy to much ;)

  7. As a frequent visitor I have to say I agree with everyone who commented. Especially those who want the nudey AND the new pic. If you cover your face though, we could always see the rest of you, but honestly I would much prefer a face shot of ya so we can imagine who you are and what you may look like under everything <3

  8. how about a competition of sorts?? you post a drawing as reward for the million hits. The you set a (reasonable) number of hits for us to get you by a (reasonable to the number) specific date. If we can do it then you have a poll for us to choose the face or the nude!....or you could forget the competition and just do the poll!!

  9. Congrats Monkey!And the nudey photo would be a nice choice ;)

  10. yesssh, a nudie is definitely in order! muhaha :P

    jk, perhaps you could draw Kentaro in the throws of passion with another dude? ;)

  11. I say just do a nudey without the face, hehe, gotta leave something to the imagination! And you know that'll get you more viewers!