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Saturday, 24 April 2010


Hey guys sorry for the lack of updates as many of you know i was n holiday a few weeks ago and was due to return back home on the 19th and post up some more stuff. Well due to Volcanic Ash grounding air flight around the world I was trapped in Hong Kong for 5 days. It was horrible!!! My ticket was reconfirmed to come back for the 12th May - which was totally unacceptable! Everybody in the Airport banded up together and formed a massive alliance! And before we knew it the press were there and there were security guards and police everywhere. Some of the people i spoke to had been trapped there for over 12 days with no money left. It was horrible. I too had to sleep it rough for a few days in the airport it was not a good thing!

What got me really annoyed was that planes were flying from Hong Kong to Heathrow however because the volcano caused a massive backlog that were un able to cope with organising everyone back in any way that made sense. Specifically I am talking about CATHAY PACIFIC who managed to entire situation as well as a monkey with a pair of chopsticks.

Here had amounted a massive back log of people. Everybody who had a cancelled flight was on a waiting list - we are talking big numbers here okay. Once flights resumed again priority was not given to the people who really needed it:

- the aged
- the very young
- the sick
- the people who were trapped the longest

The priority was very simple it was given to rich Hong Kong students studying abroad. when numbers were called out for people to board available flights it became very apparent that passenger were very very selected almost boarder-line racist. One plane left with over 50 empty seats !!!! everyone was furious when they found out about it!

I had never seen anything like that I spoke to people who were ill - some one there was even running out of chemotherapy medication yet her needs very not above that of a student. I saw old women cryout out for help yet I saw Cathay Pacific staff pointing and smirking as if it were funny. It made me very angry.

However finally we made it back but it took us a lot of fighting to actually be able to get a seat. Am trying to recover now but will definatey post stuff up this weekend!


  1. Poor Monkey ! I thought you were back to GB before that volcanic incident! Happy you're back. :-)

  2. Delays are hard enough without it being so far from home and for so many days. Sounds like a rough time.
    Very glad you're back, buddy!

  3. Souns like a long adventure!!! Tougth is awfull and disapoiting how they chose the seats u_u i am sure ti was a very difficult way to end the holidays
    I am glad to see you back!!!!

  4. Wow, what an interesting trip! It is hard sometimes to be on the receiving stick of imperial racism, especially for a Brit, the country that practically invented it. Not that I blame you or anything, I love your blog and your inter-racial sexual harmony going on. Glad you made it back with only minor inconvenience.

  5. Its okay! I made some real good friends whilst trapped in the airport as I said everyone banded together, irrelevant of sex, race, class, age! We all wanted to get out together!