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Monday, 5 April 2010


UPDATE: Well its currently a race against time to get this posted before i set out to Hong Kong this Sunday and it shouldn't be a problem ... if it weren't for the fact that I only get about an hour to work on it every night. But i'm confident it will get done in time! Here's an update on the progress. Wakka's clothing is a bit of a bitch to work out even from the official art work.
OLD: Yup managed to tear myself from the many current distractions i have (pokemon, fleshlight, work - yes work is a distraction!!!) and got back into one of my drawings again! And what better theme to draw than my current quest to discover the Top 10 Men of Monkeygogo!

Can you guess who it is? I'll give you a clue - he likes to play a particular type of ball game hehehe!

It's a working in progress sample. So hopefully you guys will see the finished thing soon!


  1. Wakka!!!!!! omg it's gonna be amazng!!!!!!

  2. Pokemon fleshlight o_o!!!!!!??????

    Nice, i know this guy ;D hes looking good soo far, very cute smile x)

  3. WAKKA!!! I love him! Can't wait to see completed.

  4. Wakka's definately on the top 10 list! Though I'm suprises he didn't play a particularly large role in FFX. Still I see the need for some Wakka x Tidus x Kimahri action!!!!

  5. Oh hell yes, shout out to Kimahri and the whole Ronso Tribe. Love em, love Biran Ronso especially. Now there is a beast who will pick you up, put you against the wall, and give you the ride of your life!

  6. I looove Wakka! Oh, did you know Pacman is a fan of Wakka too? Pacman's always saying his name.

  7. hey man, thanks for passing by on my blog, I love your art!
    I hope you don't mind adding your blog to my links :3
    Take care!

  8. Ahhh! I love Wakka, you are the best!

  9. WOW~! WAKKA!!! Cant wait to see it done!! :D