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Friday, 5 February 2010

Monkeygogo CG SET

So here it is guys! Hope you like it! This is a new character that i based on myself, i thought i'd format this in a similar fashion to the CGSets that we had in the previous months hope you  like it!

This is the usual vest and shorts images - which is usually my choice of lounge wear inside the house.

This is my tribute to Fire Emblem - as many of you are aware i recently completed Fire Emblem on the Wii which i really enjoyed! Ike is much sexier than in the first game i thought - i really like how the character looked more mature in the second game. Expect even more fan art in the future of Fire Emblem characters!

And not to forget the good ol tentacle shots! I really wish i could find the time to make an animated gif - maybe one day in the future ;) Anyway i've been watching Full Metal Alchemist - Brotherhood recently and i really like th elighting of the still images they have during the breaks and i thought i'd give them a try.

So there you go another series of images! Please feel free to leave a comment if you have anything to say, otherwise i hope you've enjoyed these images and i guess keep an eye out for more to come ;)


  1. Your drawings are soooo hot!! I especially prefer the "normal" and "ike" ones.

  2. you're amazing. love the ike!!

  3. Yay sexy monkey character!!!!

    The miled versions and the tank top one are my favs (tougth the Ikke one is soo cool x3)

    I am sure this takes quite some time to finish o_o

  4. I think they only become time consuming because i don't get a good portion of time to work on it- I have to break it off into many nights doing a bit at a time. I think if i didn't have to eat sleep or work i could probably do this in a day.

    Glad you all like it!

  5. What did your partner say when he saw these? :p

  6. omg, ike is really hot =)
    excellent work
    btw, where did u bought fire emblem radiant dawn??? cheap price???
    i only find expensive ones
    thx...keep the amazing work

  7. The first thing I thought was "I fap for my friends" when I saw that Ike-cosplay one. x3

    Veeeery good stuff, as usual. <3

  8. Yunno I actually borrowed it from work - though it was that good I could easily see myself buying it for myself

  9. Man, you have some of the hottest art. I hope you start taking commissions for things like this someday.

  10. Very cool stuff, monkey!

    I especially like the facial expressions, that sexy smirk is too cute and the other ones (for example on ike 5 or tentacle 2) are impressive, too!

    Thanks for your work!

  11. I love your facial expression. your characters always look like they are in a state of euphoric pleasure. Every time I try and do that for my art work my characters end up looking like they are in pain.

  12. hey thanks! The secret to making good character expressions is to really feel it yourself! Then yunno that when you try to recreate it that you've got something to compare with. well thats how i do it anyway.

  13. Love your work! There are a lot of artists out there and you are definitely one of my favs. ;-) Keep the hotness coming! :-)

  14. Well thanks a lot Will! I'm very glad that you rank me so highly! ;)