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Monday, 11 January 2010

Marco without hair!

Hey Happy new year guys! glad to be back finally! I've got a few things to upload in t he upcoming weeks however for the time being here's something that was completed during christmas but never found the opportunity to upload - and now that i  have internet back again > well see what you think!

Now a few people have commented about not liking the fur on Marco as a chibi character - which is really understandable! So heres a version without fur - hope you like it! It's great to be able to see a comparison. I prefer him without fur really in this occasion.

So i've finally moved into my new flat with my partner and its great to finally have a place we can truely call home! There's so much DIY to do , i'll have to admit i'm pretty good and drilling holes in a wall > you wouldn't belive how much a difference it makes when you realise its actually your wall your drilling and not somebody elses! It's like IT HAS TO BE PERFECT!!!!!!!

Anway -its the start of a new year! So far it seems to be going well for me even work seems to be going well > am hoping for a promotion but we shall see.

Aside from all the DIY i manage to purchase this little baby! It's called the "Iron Gym" and basically its a pull-up bar that doesn't need to be permenantly fixed. You just basically fit it above your door and its just holds in  place and when you're done you can just pack it away! its fantastic, i've been working out with it for the pass couple of days now and its great!

Now some of you might be asking why bother when i actually have a gym membership. Well quite simply put January is like the worst month ever to go to the gym, especially if you are a regular like me. January marks the time when people think "Oh I've had too much to eat during the holidays maybe i should go all healthy this year and sign up to the gym" to which results in a overcrowded gym full of people doing wasting space and time my either just doing the bare minimum of working out, chatting on the cellphone/mobile phones, or reading a magazine on whilst on the machines. So rather than crowd in with them i've decided that i'd work out from home for the next few months instead, eventually they all give up and go back to there usual habits - i give a mont h for the  majority and 2 months for the determined but ultimately futile ones.



  1. I was always wary of using these. I feel like my body weight + the shittiness of my apartment would cause my doorframe to break when doing pullups.

    I really want this, though. You should give us an update!

  2. Well i only weigh about 72 kg ( which isn't too heavy) so the door frame should support that amount. The force from the pull-up bar also seems to be distributed out evenly downwards - the doorframe shouldn't have too much trouble coping however I would not recommend swinging backwards and forwards on it - as i would worry about the strain on the door frame then.

    So far so good - already noticed that my lats seem a lot more defined and wider. i used to do a lot of pull ups a few years back to it wasn't too hard getting back into it and targeting the right muscles again. I'm very happy with the product

  3. Honestly, I think the reason the body hair looked awkward on chibi-Marco wasn't so much that it existed at all, but that it wasn't simplified. Honestly, I'd like to have seen some thin, tight zig-zag lines in place of the hair to show that there's still hair there, but simplify it enough to still make the picture cute. Do you know what I mean?

  4. It's always bugged me: unit conversions. America is so behind, we still stick to English units while the rest of the world is using SI. But I've always wondered why people using SI weigh things in "kilograms (kg)" when it's a unit of mass. But I realize that America's just lazy. We already say our weight, but in SI, they just have to multiply their mass by gravity to get their weight. 1 Newton (N)= 0.224808943871 pounds (lb). Acceleration of gravity (SI): g=9.81 m/s^2. Monkeygogo weighs (72 kg)(9.81 m/s^2)=706.32N. Which is (706.32N)(.224808943871 lb/1 N)=158.79lb! Sorry for being nerdy, I just felt like doing it. lol