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Tuesday, 10 November 2009

SD Kentaro

This is something that i've been playing around with for the past day. And i'm not too sure whther i actually like the result. Basically it's a Super deformed version of Kentaro. But its kinda isn't too deformed and as such i've kinda ended up with something more like a muscular child body and drawf .........

What do you guys think? i think it looks kinda cute-ish but yunno I'm just too manly to start drawing cute things. Anyway this is more really a kind of experiment!


  1. don't mess with perfection! lol

  2. He does look more like a midget then an SD character.

    Maybe you can make him Kentaro's own Mini-me.

  3. I love it!!!
    I love the "chibi" version of Kentaro
    (He is my favorite from you caracters).
    Maybe you can try something dirty with that style, XD

  4. hey thanks Gago! Maybe chibi versions can come bout every now and then - they're pretty easy to draw so they require a lot less effort and time then their full size counterpart. Theres no substitute for the real thing! :)

  5. I believe I like the idea of mini-Kentaro.

    And you left him inked! omgomgomg *squee*

    ...excuse me.

  6. Awwwww. hes so kawaii!!
    good back shot on him

  7. isss sooo coooll
    blue hair 4ever ! xDDD

  8. is soo cool and goodd ><
    blue hair 4 ever !!

  9. I'd personally like to see all your characters in this cute form. I happen to find many kinds of men hot, and some short men to not escape my gaze. Like on an episode of House, "Wanna go for a spin?" =D

  10. Well i'm glad to see that it's pretty much well recieved. I guess i could use this style abit more - i need to learn abit more about it! ;)

  11. Hmm... I dunno... he kinda looks more like a dwarf than anything else this way. Super-deformed style usually is a lot more simplified than this. That's not to say this isn't good, of course, because it's damn good. Just... not really SD. :P

  12. Draw them as kids, the three of them playing in the ol' sand box, all innocent and pure, before they reached puberty and unleashed their monkeys inside!