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Saturday, 14 November 2009

Chibi Michael

Here's another quick chibi version of Michael - yunno a few people have said that i don't draw him enough and yunno I think you're right. I'll have to come up with scenarios where i can include Michael - for the time being please accept this picture of Michael flexing.

Here are some quick notes. Now i've decided not to give him any tattoos - it's better this way i think. Notice that i also didn't give him any body hair in this chibi version either. I though Michael should be the smoothest guy out of the three. Generally speaking Michael also has the slimmest waist out of the three - though he has very well defined abdominal muscles.


  1. The first time I saw Michael was in bed with Kentaro sleeping, that draw was sooooooooo cute. I love Michael as Kentaro's couple, he is the frail and weak of the relation.

    By the way.... I LOVE THIS CHIBI VERSION TOO!!!!!

  2. You know, I was just thinking about Michael myself.

    Lo and behold, I open up Y! (well, and Google Reader) and find this. Well done.

  3. Freakin' love this! So cute and sexy at the same time.

  4. Cute and Sexy are good combinatiosn to have i guess! ;) Thanks guy for all the comments