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Monday, 21 September 2009

Monkeygogo.net!!! Migration complete!!!

Please note everybody that monkeygogomuscle.blogspot.com doesn not exist now.

.. instead monkeygogo.net livesssssss

As a side affect the links section seems to be broken and needs some TLC. If you would like your link to be listed please send me a comment on this post and i'll add them again as soon as i can. Also i'm trying to add them to the links section on the menu button. So if you have a banner you'd like to use please point me to its where abouts.


  1. congrats!! does this mean if i click monkeygogo.blogspot.com it wil be just redirect to monkey gogo.net or they are just two seperate site..??????

  2. It's merely a domain name change. Currently monkeygogomuscle.blogspot is still running, but the switchover shouldbe complete very soon. When that does happen monkeygogomuscle.blogspot will no no longer be accessable but using that address will redirect you to monkeygogo.net anyway. I'd just start using monkeygogo.net to make it easy.

  3. Wow, reacted pretty fast on that.
    Are you also a victim of the anti gay movement that occurs on all the blog domains?

  4. hey Humbuged thanks a lot! Your presense is always welcome here!

  5. Hi Chris!
    There's been an anti gay movement on blogs? I don't think i've been aware of it - i merely change the domain to better manage my site. But i certainly hope i don't get any homophobes around here! It's uncalled for and practically abit toooooo primitive for this day and age.

  6. I really like how the site is going! Great job, man!