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Sunday, 2 August 2009

Marco CGset #1 Complete!!

So here we go go!!! this is the final set of the current CGset #1 series, so lets try to go out with a bang!


We start off with the good ol' vest and shorts theme. I've come to really enjoy drawing vest and shorts. It's kinda simple but really quite sexy in an innocent way. I've actually made 2 sets of this theme. One with hair and one without - though i decided to post only the hairy version because lets face it, Marco is meant to be hairy, if you want smooth go to Kentaro or Michael.

We next move onto the fighter series. Now i've always been a fan of warrior monk type characters in games. And those big bead type things looks so cool! But this is something I'm laying down for a possibly future spin off. Maybe marco even gets to take on a younger student.

And Now we move on to the eagerly awaited Chris Redfield series! Mwuhahahaha. I alwasy thought that Mr Redfield was a bit of a hottie especially in Res5 I mean they beefed him up super! He we see Marco in a bit of cosplay in Redfield gear.(nb: Chris Redfield is copyright © Capcom Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved ).

So this is the final bit, good ol' tentacle rape! Now these ones are proper tentacles from another horny dimension. See how they properly restrain, explore and probe Marco whilst pumping their juices into him. I highly recommend pics 6 and 7 ;)

And that's everything! I hope you guys have enjoyed this series! It's time to move onto to different and more exciting things. Though i'm sure I'll eventually move back onto the CGsets #2 series in the not too distant future!

Once again many thanks to all my watchers and follower of my work.


  1. Hi Monkey! Wow these cg were Great! My favorite are Marco with Redfield suit and in the monk warrior outfit. And I really adore this jockstrap in the resident evil cosplay ^^

  2. Hey man, thank you for these great pictures! Ereything was extremely well done and sexy, especially seeing him in the Chris Redfield outfit, because the muscles fit so damn great in there.
    I normally don`t like hairy guys, but you`re right, they really fit Marco very well!

    Keep up the great work, it`s surely much appreciated!

  3. You should put the version with no hair too,I would love it.

  4. as usual, i prefer a little tentacle help !


  5. hey thanks a lot guys and gals! i just love to draw so it makes me happy to know that people out there like my work. As for the request on hairless Marco i will post it up in due time ;) Thanks again all

  6. Love it !! thanks !!

  7. wow! this set did not disappoint. that comment about Marcus made to be hairy is so true. i loved all of them and not only in this set. i loved the Kentaro and Micheal sets as well. can't wait till you make more pics of them. They just keep on getting better and better and i'm looking forward to what you put out in the future

  8. Loving the jock strap so very very much <3. Amazingness!!! Love this setup, very well done!!

  9. very well done , love the hair and the jock/brief pic ! - it had me cum all over my face ! wish i could show u for inspiration !
    could be cool to have several angles too no? i know, it s asking a bit much ! ;-)

  10. Wow seems like Marco is quite popular! especially the Chris X marco combination! I'll have to include more cosplay themes next time! What other video game hunks are there?

  11. You Mr. Monkeygogo, are truly gifted

    well done

  12. Hey! Always hot and nice as ever Monkey-san! My fav was offcourse the Chris Cosplay XD

    Why Marco dont cum in the normal version? I must be painfull! :(

    Kisses and Huges!!

  13. Oh, finally Marco! He's totally my favorite, and I adore your work <3 It's so damn hawt, thanks for all of it!

    Marco... mmm :P

  14. Solid Snake, Dingo Egret, or Sorata Arisugawa even though he is from a manga not a video game would be good cosplays

  15. Amazing artwork and wow is Marco a hotty

  16. Wow! I have to say thaht you've got best artwork on the internet. I finally found the hottest pistures! My favourite is Marco. I LOVE his hairy body :) I've got two questions/propositions:
    Can you make pictures:
    -with foot fetish?
    -and I would like to see them also as a soldiers :)
    Thanks for this blog!

  17. I thought Marco was uncut... That was one of the things I adored about him... :(

  18. I love Marco! And you drew him in one of my favorite poses! You'll have to draw something extra hot & epic that includes Marco if you wanna top this one XD

  19. Marco is so hot. you should really do more pics of him. please do. maybe one of him and michael ;)