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Tuesday, 12 May 2009


So I had so much fun drawing this image that i went completely overboard and did multiple variations of the same image. For your convenience i have selected the "cream of the crop" and listed them out in some kind of logical ordering.

So we start off with some stripping! I like to scroll thru these and use my imagination, the last one was like some kinda aqua swim suit that i thought was kinda sexy and shiny and wanted to include and share - even though it feels like the odd one out:

Then we move onto some vanilla sex, plain but still hot I wouldn't mind being him/being on him or being in him ....... spoilt for choice:

This is the for all you lover of handcuffs, collars, cockrings and stuff ..... wanted to add some chains but thought it looked okay wiithout - may add some on at a later date:

And this one is my personal favorite ... TENTACLE RAPE!!!! They're all slimey and everywhere:

Well thats about it! hope you all enjoyed the images! Now to work on the same kinda thing but on one of my other men ;)


  1. HornyForMonkeys13 May 2009 at 00:42

    One jerking off comming up!!! =D

    Thanks a lot for the delivery, it's soooo hot... and it so happens that see this when I'm super horny.

    love ya ^^

  2. I love monkeygogo !!13 May 2009 at 00:56

    Man your arts are beyond awesome!! Thank you so much for providing us with so much sexiness!!

  3. Michael is my favorite ~ >w< <3

  4. lawl
    awesome collection!!!!!
    i like a lot how you make different face expresions too xD
    my fav its the striping saga *_*

  5. Just.
    Incredibly hot.
    Love the facial expressions.

  6. hey Thanks a lot guys! You're compliments are all very much appreciated ^_^

  7. It's so hot ! I's my favorite too.
    But in not feel well when I see what's happening to him with tentacles. ^_^!
    You give him some trouble XD !
    I would like to see somebody taking it in his arms and saying to him: "Don't worry, I'll be here. By your side, protecting you because you're loved..."
    Sorry, I'm stupid *giggle*

  8. awsome work!

  9. i think michael should grow a beard

  10. Like, wao! So hawwwt. You need to make this into one of those brakout games! XD

  11. Hmmmmmmm I could make it into a kinda stripping game i suppose! I might look into it, but for the time being i'm just gona have to concentrate on my next image! More smutty images comming soon!

  12. Why not try some hair on Michael?