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Thursday, 30 April 2009

Something new WIP....


So i had a fantastic birthday weekend! Thank you very much for all your messages and birthday wishes! So I've finally found some time to get back on my image. been having a lot of fun with so hopefully it should be a good one. Still need to work out a few things around the image. But here's what i got so far without spoiling too much:


So it's been a lttile while since my last update. I'm going to try something that can hopefully go in DA as well too since my last 2 images weren't too minor friendly. I've got a good idea of how to do this one i think, just trying to work out the pose and stuff, so keep an eye out for updates. Also it's my Birthday coming up soon so (sigh) sad to say my youth is slippin anway - i'll start worrying when i go grey down there ....... ewwww


  1. XD
    You have a while before you go gray down there, so you know what, just enjoy it while it lasts.

    And just in case I miss your birthday, I'll just say happy birthday now in advance. :3

  2. gray's sexy.
    and OMG, finish this pic already!!!

  3. I greet you with an advanced Happy Birthday.
    I wish that you have a great one and many more to come. :3

  4. happy bday in advance. hope your pubes stay youthfully colored also

  5. looks very sexy like always o_O

    Just dont feel old, enjoy your birthday and dont think on anything grey for now xD

  6. Wow! Thanks a lot guys ;)I can't believe this is the last of my years in my 20's, I'm gonna super enjoy this year

  7. Hello,
    Ur art is cool,hot,sexy,sizzly,
    dick watering and rocks as always.
    The best character in ur drawings i
    like is michael cause hes sexy,
    and looks young and fucking hot.
    But i dont think that the other 2 are as sexy as michael they look like bears.Its ok dont worry that uve turned older but dont stop ur artwork cause ill start to worry and try to bring in a new character like michael young and fucking hot.

  8. luv that image. great attention to detail; the eyes, the blond under arm hair. i love the one in black and white too. 1st time here. have to read to see what's up. love your artwork!

  9. My gods! I wish I could be those pants...

  10. Hey Guys! Thanks alot for your message ;) Michael is a pretty cool charctaer! I'm nearly donw ith it - I'm just taking my time playing around and experimetning with it. but i've got a busy weekend lined up so looks like i'ts not going to be ready for a little while yet unfortunately :(

  11. gosh, i dunno how you do it, but i love the way you color your art .. i get so frustrated when i try new things lol .. keep up the great work!