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Monday, 6 April 2009


So it's that time of the year again and it makes me happy because I actually enjoy coming home from work and it still being daylight! Ahhhhhh good ol daylight. Anyhow here it is another image starring Kentaro and Marco! I hope you all like it! Kentaro didn't really need to bunny ears but as it's coming up to Easter i thought - meh??? Once again this is a little bit of an evolution backwards on how i used to color (it's really a mic of 50/50 between my new coloring style and my old coloring style. Tell me what you think if you can be bothered to leave a comment and if not... well i hope you enjoy the image ;)
Once again there are 3 version (so you can scroll thru them really quickly and make it look like they're actually doing it) with the 3rd one being available in my blogspot only ;)


  1. Shoots like a cannon, doesn't he? XD

  2. Super hot as always. Marco's sexy again - and that face is great. :)

    On the topic of the colouring style, I've looked back and compared these pieces to several others from previous blog posts and aside from very subtle and minor things I can't really find a clear-cut difference between the two. Maybe it's just 'cause they're all great. ^_^ If you don't mind, care to elaborate on you changed your style? I'm an art-nerd for stuff like that. Heh.

    And Happy Easter to you too! :D


  3. I think the mix of your coloring styles results in a soft look.
    Your new coloring style looks crisp and well-defined ~ all your styles look great in their own way. >w< <3

  4. I like how this one progresses as well as the old and new coloring style blend. It states its new and fresh but also a MonkeyGoGo classic. Very fitting for Easter type nostalgia <3

  5. I REALLY like when Marco fucks Kentaro, it's so damn hot!!! Also, like a lot your new style, all of it :)

    Keep up this awesome work~

  6. Hey thnaks everybody! i'm glad you all like my latest image! I'm still trying to learn so much about doing erotic art that sometimes I look at other artist and i feel like i'm still miles off! But thank you everybody for your encouraging comments. X

  7. Yup thats the way easter was intended to be celebrated ...... by me :-P

  8. Simply wonderful. I can't decide which I like best. Your work is the best!