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Welcome to my blogspot fellow art lover of muscle! Here you will find all my creations gathered into one gallery. Please have a browse around and feel free to leave a comment - it's always nice to hear from the people who actually take the time to view my work - namely you. I can't thank you guys enough. Please do not reproduce or post any of my images outside this website - or if you really want to then please email me in advance ;) Your continued support is much appreciated.

Monday, 9 March 2009



So it's nearly ready!!!!! Anyday now it should be ready! i just need to find a little bit more time to polish my image, need to finish off the coloring add some more sut on it and then it's ready to post! Keep and eye out. Here a quick update image with no spoilers:


Okay so I've manage to push aside the cold sweats and itchy hand for Disgaea and opted for more drawing tonight. Its all a matter of mind over matter people - if i can quit WOW I should definately shake my Disgaea urges for a few days at leat ;) So here's something new ;)


Well I've managed to tear myself away from Disgaea for a bit to do some much needed art! I had some other muscle related works going as well too but decided to scrap them instead. I do that so often - i hope i managed to finish this one! It's going to be a full on dirty image to make up for the lack of recent updates!


  1. Hey Humbuged! Great to hear from ya! yeah am looking forward to finishing this one! Hopefully my urge to play games is not as strong as my urge to draw smut X3


  3. Yay! can't wait to see marco!

  4. I love seeing the sketches before the real work. Your art has inspired me to try out some projects of my own. I have so many ideas. I was wondering what tools in particular do you use in illustrator for lines. I was using the pen to make vectors like you mentioned in a previous posting. However I would was wondering what do you use to get the lines the way you do? Mine come out rather strange haha

  5. Hi Atsorf! thanks for all your comments. There's not much i can say other than everybody draws slightly differently so even if we both used the same package (eg: illustrator) you'll never quite get the same lines. try playing about with the qualoty of the lines themselves such as thickness etc. A wacom tablet or equivelent helps - can't really recommend anyone to draw on a pc using a mouse - though i have seen someone do it once with much success. Goood luck ;)

  6. Oh I was just trying to figure some things out. Thanks for the advice. But one thing I was wondering, if you don't use a mouse what do you use? I have seen tools at the schools I have attended for it, but what forms are there?

  7. Hi Atsorf, the best tool to use is a wacom tablet and stylus (or something similar) basically it's a digtal pen for the pc. Something like this :


  8. Oh wow and it is really affordable. I am going to probably invest in one depending on my future outcome. BTW, I wasn't using illustrator apparently, I was using a demo of InDesign lmao, I was wondering why I wasn't able to even color haha. Thx for the advice =)